Scampers Is Reopening Monday!
June 5, 2020
Happy Friday, everyone!

We are having a Great Friday, indeed - we have just received information that King County has the Go-Ahead to Reopen in a Modified Phase 2.

We will be reopening our facilities at Kirkland and Bellevue as of Monday, June 8th, and we're hoping we'll see you all again soon.

Please note: We will be offering daycare and boarding as usual at Kirkland; the boarding facility at Bellevue will not be available immediately, but we're happy to host Bellevue pooches at the Kirkland shop.
Remember, you can reserve through Gingr, or by sending a reservation request to: for Kirkland clients for Bellevue clients

We schedule our staff based on expected attendance so please do try to get your reservations in place.
Please be aware that we'll be observing these careful social distancing and safety procedures.

  • We are limiting human access to the interior areas of our facilities to staff only.
  • Only one client in our vestibule at a time.
  • Masks will be required for all people on site.

We are now a contactless facility, so
  • You'll be keeping your leashes in your possession
  • We require all visits to be prepaid. You can put your credit card on file through Gingr.

Please observe the 6 foot distance when dropping off and picking up your pooches - both for social distancing, and the excitement of dogs on leash, who may strike out at nearby dogs and people out of excitement. Leash aggression is very common in normal times, and these times are not normal!

PS. We are just as excited as your pooches are to see you all again.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Stina & Linda
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs
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