March 8, 2018
Week 3, Day 4
"Fasting" from: Unsustainable Transportation | Some strategies: walk, bike, subway, bus, share car rides

In today's devotion video, Ricki shares how bird-watching makes her a better person, and draws an interesting connection between two different kinds of wilderness. Why did Jesus go into the wilderness anyway? Ricki has one thought.

Next week our focus is food, and we'll seek to reduce our carbon footprint by eating less meat and eating more locally grown food.

Would anyone be interested in going down to the farmers market by the Natural History Museum after 11am worship this Sunday get started on the right foot? Let me know.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-10 min

Plan one commute or trip this week where you will walk instead of taking a train, bus, or car.
Daily Question
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