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Environmental Nature Center invites Local Children to spend Presidents Week Break in Nature

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., February 2, 2017 – The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) will host full and half day camps during Presidents Week February 20-23, 2017. Full day camp is from 9am to 3pm, and half day camp is from 9AM to 1PM. Campers will be split into small groups by age and will rotate between our fabulous Camp Teachers, where they will participate in exciting, age appropriate hands-on activities. The Environmental Nature Center is located at 1601 E. 16th Street, in Newport Beach. Registration is available at

“I really enjoy pumping the kids up,” said Lead Naturalist Aimee Arvidson. “I love teaching them about nature and hopefully making it something they’ll want to love and protect too.”

Arvidson will teach campers about the anatomy, migration, and eating habits of local whales by participating in experiments, games and hands-on displays. Campers will see whale bones, teeth and baleen, and experiment to find out how whale blubber makes an incredible insulator against frigid ocean temperatures. Campers will also get the chance to explore the ENC, search for animal evidence, and get crafty with nature.

“Many of the Camp Teachers are our Naturalists who teach at the ENC throughout the year,” said ENC Executive Director Bo Glover. “They’re all exceptionally qualified to provide campers with an exciting day of nature education.”

Camp is open to children in kindergarten to 6th grade. Campers will complete outdoor activities, conduct experiments, make crafts and have the opportunity to explore the ENC.


About the ENC

Founded in 1972, the ENC is a fascinating combination of 15 California native plant communities, wildlife habitat, walking trails, and sustainably designed, LEED Platinum certified learning center. For over 40 years, the ENC has been shaped and caressed into a 5-acre landscape for learning, a sanctuary from life's pressures and a place of preservation and instruction. Serving over 24,000 students and thousands of visitors annually, the ENC is recognized as a leader in science and social science education providing opportunities for increasing our community's knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

The ENC recently purchased property to develop a nature play area, and construct our community's first nature based preschool.  With a mission of providing quality education through hands-on experience with nature, the ENC inspires all generations to protect the natural world by serving as our community's foremost authority on ecological responsibility, sustainable practices and environmental education.  The ENC is a non-profit 501(c)-3 public benefit corporation.  For more information call 949-645-8489, or visit The ENC is located at 1601 16th St. in Newport Beach.