Starting Off on the Right Foot

A new year, a fresh start



Another trip around the sun lands us in the year 2019! Take some time to clear out some clutter, whether it's from your closet or your financial anxieties. Would creating a financial plan  help give you some piece of mind? Give us a call at 940-692-6885 and see how we can guide you to your next success. 


Happy New Year!

Gary and Marie Kondo (Of Netflix's Tidying Up fame) have a little bit in common. they both believe clearing out  unnecessary "things" in you life is a good start to a new beginning. 


The Ol' Crystal Ball...

 This article was written over a month ago, but as you can see, Gary (aka "The Sage") isn't using his talents to foretell the future. 

Monthly Market Monitor


Hindsight is this report's specialty. Take a look at what happened last year in the markets, especially in December. 

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