February 2016
What's New

Tuesday Night
8:30 pm
Jeffrey Larosa-Aams

Wednesday Morning
10:15 am
"Ballet Burn"
Luisa Frias
format change
from YBB

Saturday Morning
10 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"
now team-taught by Teigh Gilson &
Luisa Frias

8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,
I'm feeling bloated and out of shape as I write this. I know, it's all relative, but that's the way I feel and feelings just aren't negotiable.

I'm feeling like I need to press forward. It's February and I have no reason to be as lax as I've been the past month. My exercise routine was disrupted by the holidaze and then I got used to doing a little bit less and eating a little bit more. I don't like the way this makes me feel so I've been contemplating how to snap out of it.

I get it that change has go to come from within to be sustainable. Everything in human-made manifest reality starts with thought--the language of the interior. But in this case, Ive decided to press forward from the outside. I coloured my hair--easy way to change. Next I painted my house--a little bigger commitment, involving money, time and a little chaos, but ultimately satisfying, generating a solid external change. These acts of pressing forward are demonstrating that I can get through the discomfort and upheaval with visible results. Now for the tough stuff--pressing forward to make the changes that I know I need--the internal ones requiring courage, discipline and openness to the way Cause and Effect (also called Divine Grace) turn it out for me. I'm scared. But I'm doing it. I'm allowing my broken heart to be what it is, and I'm pressing forward.

Paperless sign in is in full swing at SWERVE. We just pressed ourselves forward and now we're used to it. Make sure to sign your electronic waiver when you arrive, as well as have your picture taken if you haven't done this already. Downloading the MINDBODY Ap on your device is crucial. Please sign in for classes and workouts in advance online. It's easy and it will be lightning speed time at check-in. Click the logo below to get the ap. The staff and I can teach you how to use it, if you want t a tutorial.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

**The L.A. Marathon is this Sunday. Leave an extra 15 minutes to arrive to your workout at SWERVE if you live North of the race zone. Check out the map here.
This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
 first-time student
to their first class for only $10.
Expires 2/28/2016. In-person, or sign in advance online.