Beloved of God at St. Thomas of Canterbury,

I am pleased that the Spirit is bringing us along side one another for the coming months. I believe that this extended sabbatical season holds great possibility for you to continue to progress along the path of growth, renewal, vision, faithfulness and healing that you have been traveling with Sylvia+ and one another over the past three years.  I am honored to serve among you both as priest and fellow pilgrim on this next leg of your journey.  

Here's a little bit about me: I’m a cradle Episcopalian who, following a mystical experience in college, became a self-conscious Christian in this world.  Serving as an Army Officer in Europe and the United States following college solidified my sense of call to ordained ministry.  My seminary experience in New York City in the 1980’s was a time of intellectual challenge and deepening social maturation. I was a late bloomer.

I’ve served endowed, historic, anxious-for-the-future urban churches for 30 years: Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Chicago where I was rector of Grace Episcopal Church (“GracePlace”) for 23 years. While the geographical locations changed, the fundamental nature of the challenges faced by these congregations were quite similar. We all live in the times in which we live! I was recently the Interim Pastor at St. John’s Wichita from September 2016 to August 2017. I was half-time;  two weeks there, two weeks in ABQ . . . commuting via Amtrak!

I consider my gifts for ministry to be preaching, pastoral care, adult formation, vestry leadership, and liturgical design. I don’t have the gift or experience of working with children . . . but I can sing!

My husband Al and I both retired “early” to move to the Land of Enchantment.  I’d visited often when my sister and her family lived here in the 90’s;  Al had done copious research to find a retirement location that would feed his soul. On our first date we bonded over aspirations to live in Albuquerque! We were married in 2013. We moved here in August 2015 to the NE Heights townhouse Al had previously built.

Recently I’ve been enjoying crafting (beading and knitting), doing a self-guided, wide-ranging study of the Greek New Testament, walking the dog, noticing the ever-changing vistas in New Mexico, being house-husband while Al enjoys working full-time at Kohl’s Stores.

We attend Our Lady in the Valley Episcopal Church in the South Valley   I’m an assisting priest there. OLV is a scrappy, welcoming little mission church of our Diocese.  It is, in my estimation, very similar to the Christian communities in the first century:  Relational. Intimate. A place for transformation in that “slow burn” Episcopal kind of way.

God grabbed me for the first time in a college setting some 42 years ago, and look where it got me!  Now I find myself at Canterbury for a season, in (or at least near) a college setting once more.  I wonder how God will grab me this time?  I wonder how God will grab you?

​​​​​​​I look forward to meeting you when I officially begin my season of service at Canterbury on Sunday, July 15th.  Until then...


Ted Curtis
Important Sabbatical Contacts

Priest in Charge: Fr. Ted Curtis,
Sr. Warden: Warren Smith,, 505-916-6860
Jr. Warden: Dick Steele, ​​​​​​​, 505-294-1846
General Messages: 505-247-2515 (call/text);