Exciting News for our Friends, Partners & Sponsors 

The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts & Be the Peace-Be the Hope team wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Our team is most thankful for your continuous support that has enabled us to spread Hope throughout many Houston schools as well as communities in many underserved neighborhoods.

-with gratitude, 
Karine, Kristina, Tina, Rim, Pranjali & the TFAA Board members 
Texan Children's Hospital Mural 
The long awaited exciting mural "The Door to Hope" located in the Texas Children Hospital's Valet Parking Garage is set to be unveiled soon!

The public art consists of young patient's artworks they created when they participated in one of the 25 TFAA art workshops that were held at TCH over the past 3 years, as well as the work from some pediatric patients of the Fondation Lenval in Nice. At TFAA, we keep the friendship with Nice, our French Houston Sister City alive! This art installation will bring hope & inspiration to thousands of pediatric patients and families each day. 

This accomplishment was made possible with the help of many young patients, sponsors, partners, volunteers and professionals including Marjon Aucoin, Julie Preston and Dandee Warhol from the Wide School; Sebastien Boileau and Liza Carlos from Eyeful Art; Audrey McKim, Carol Herron, Jena Guajardo from Texas Children's Hospital; Erin Overhouse from the Periwinkle Foundation; Mickey Henry, Karine Parker-Lemoyne, Britain Venner, Leila Kengueleoua, Dr Paul Gerson, Elisabeth Caucheteux, Patricia and Dimitri Pilenko, Ghislaine Thomsen, from the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA), Christiane Scoffier and Babette Banel from the Fondation Lenval and Les Blouses Roses in Nice (France); Ghislaine Thomsen and Lina Corinth from the Houston-Nice Sister City Committee, as well as the Board of Directors of both Texas Children’s  & TFAA, and TFAA's Advisory Board, who are supporting our programs and the patients they serve.
Special thanks to the anonymous donor who made this vision become a reality.

The young patients, their parents, caretakers and the many other children we helped are still in our hearts. Their courage makes us want to give more and to come back again. This mural is a wonderful homage to their creativity, especially when you think about all the profound stories, dreams and hopes that they are now sharing with us - stories about overcoming adversity, stories of life and Hope.

Visit www.texanfrenchalliance.org to find out more about the TCH workshops & mural! 

Be the Peace- Be the Hope
throughout Houston schools
This Fall, we are currently implementing our Be the Peace-Be the Hope social and emotional learning healing arts program to Las Americas Newcomer School, Sugar Grove Academy and Sutton Elementary  thanks to our generous sponsors and donors including Bridgeup at Menninger, Amegy Bank, Total, Engie, Schlumberger, Axens, Honeywell as well as Natasha Prehu and Steve Stephens.
We have also successfully completed the foundation phase of our yearlong BTPBTH program at Las Americas Newcomers School, which has been funded in part by the BridgeUp Innovation Magic Grant from the Menninger Clinic, one of the nation’s top psychiatric hospitals and a leader in mental health care. The students learned about building trust & safety in the classroom and learned essential social and emotional skills that they will continue to use throughout the school year.

We are now entering the Exploration Phase of the program, where students will build upon their newly found skills and utilize them in discovering creative and movement disciplines, such as music, dance, spoken words, parkour, art, and photography in partnership with the talented representatives of Prelude Music Foundation, HGOco, MECA, UMOVE, the Wide School and Literacy Through Photography at FotoFest! 

To follow Be the Peace-Be the Hope's journey follow us on
Instagram: @bepeacebehope
Twitter: @bepeacebehope
A Message of Hope 
by Lina Corinth 
My love for the children of the world! I will always remember the song “We are the Children”.  Do you? For the ones waiting for hope, for the ones waiting for treatments, for the ones that are still waiting for our love and care.

Around the world and more than ever, millions of children are either in orphanages, refugee camps,  abandoned and neglected, malnourished, homeless, suffering from depression, drug overdose, abused, used as slaves in human trafficking, sex exploitation, and suffering at an early age of leukemia, and other types of rare cancers, and diseases affecting our modern world more than ever since the middle age. 
Some events in my life have shaped my outlook at our children’s needs, whereas in need to having enough food and water, or treatments, needs for clothing and housing, but most importantly the voice, the touch, the reassurance that they are loved, that they can be healed, that they can hope to be the next leader or instrument to shape others.
Years ago, while living in Addis Ababa, the lack of vaccinations for children was frightening and polio was affecting lot of children.  Leprosy was also stagnant, as well as cholera, malnutrition, as well as abuse by own parents, and lack of proper educational programs that could have shaped the next generation.  

In Houston many social & emotional educational programs have been created and presented to various schools and hospitals, as well as creating art with children waiting for treatments. 

My deepest gratitude to Karine Parker for building resilience and self-reliance programs, our team of volunteers, our sponsors and donors, and most importantly our growing hope for those children who abundantly open their hearts amidst suffering, turmoil, laying their heads over our shoulders, embracing us and trusting our actions to shape their futures.

Lina Corinth
TFAA Advisory Board Member – HRH Duchess of Silesia
Vice-President Houston-Nice Sister City Committee
Save the Date
"A Song of Hope" concert
You're invited to help celebrate hope with renowned Italian artists Francesco Attesi, Maurizio Bozzi, and Maicol Cucci at the "Song of Hope" concert on February 10 at 2:30 p.m.  

This concert will benefit 500 students of the Be the Peace-Be the Hope (BTPBTH) program. BTPBTH, our arts driven, social and emotional learning & healing program benefits Houston's most vulnerable children by sustainably lifting their level of resilience, hope, and self-efficacy. 

Visit www.bepeacebehope.org to find out more about the program! 
"Power of Hope"
Amegy Online Auction Event
Many thanks to everyone who came to the Power of Hope exhibition held at Amegy Bank, and supported by Art Houston Magazine last month! And special thanks to everyone who bid on the artwork made by international and student artists!

Your generous support has greatly benefited the Be the Peace-Be the Hope program and made it possible for us to continue to inspire Hope in countless at-risk children and youth throughout Houston and abroad! 
Your Support Matters!
In order to keep providing our BTPBTH social and emotional workshops to students in Houston, we need your support! We will be working with more kids and classrooms for the 2018-2019 school year, which requires supplies, snacks and dedicated expert facilitators and coordinators to lead classrooms.

Join us to make sure these children receive the social and emotional attention they need in order to thrive. Help us inspire our youth to find Peace and Hope!
Adopt a Student and contribute towards their continued growth & development through workshops and scholarships. It costs $150 to send Alejandra through the Be the Peace- Be the Hope social & emotional healing arts program. Please help Alejandra recover from post-Harvey trauma, bullying, isolation and lack of hope.
Adopt a classroom for $2,500. 77% of H.I.S.D. students are underprivileged. A high percentage of these youth are isolated or detached from their environment due to todays threatening conditions (including bullying, gangs, extremists, child trafficking, poverty) and lack the education they need in order to survive and thrive.
Want to join the movement and make a difference?

Join Natasha Prehu with Honeywell,
and Steve Stephens with Amegy Bank
who sponsored a classroom in the Fall.


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