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October 2018


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  • Attention Recruiters: Prepare Your Candidates to Succeed
  • Practice Content for Job Interviews
  • Sounding Confident During Interviews


Your best business suit is immaculately pressed. Your shirt/blouse and accessories perfectly synchronize the outfit. If you’re wearing makeup, you’ve managed to apply just the right amount to make the right impression. Your shoes are well-shined, and every hair on your head rests exactly where you want it. In short, you look great for your big job interview.


Wouldn’t it be great if people spent as much time preparing for their DELIVERY during an interview as they do making sure they look just right?


This month, we share our thoughts on job interviews from all perspectives—employers, recruiters and candidates. Please read on to learn how each party can improve their outcomes through improved communications and presenting skills.


Attention Recruiters: Prepare Your

Candidates to Succeed

If you’re a recruiter, consider going the extra mile to prepare your best candidates for those all-important interviews. This extra attention will set you apart from others recruiting for the same role. It’s not enough to just practice answers to expected questions. We suggest focusing on communications skills to enhance their confidence and make them more memorable.

Practice Content for Job Interviews


 If you work in a relatively flat organization, you can expect to have multiple opportunities to excel. Developing stronger communication skills is critical in helping you express yourself, gain support and traction for your ideas, and lead your peers forward.


Sounding Confident During Interviews

Parents tell their kids all the time, “It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it.” If you follow our blogs or have gone through our training, you know that a major focus of our workshops and coaching is on body language. But there’s more to conveying confidence than just The Fundamentals.

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 SELL It, Don't TELL It:

Taking Business Presentations to the Next Level 

Location: Northbrook, IL


- Gain greater confidence and conviction when speaking to large or small groups -


- Learn to deliver organized, focused presentations without distracting language -


- Hone your own natural style of communication for any situation -


- Begin to see presentations as we do: as opportunities, not challenges -



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