Question Of The Week

July 9, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,


Yes, it's July!  Keystone Computer Concepts is closed for vacation from today, July 9, 2018 until Monday, July 23, 2018.  (This is the only vacation we'll be taking this summer.)  If you have a computer emergency and you're not an RTS PLUS customer, please call 772-408-4425 and we'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.  If you ARE an RTS PLUS customer and have an emergency, please call the emergency number we gave you and we'll get back to you as soon as possible - usually within an hour or two.

We hope you don't have any computer problems, but please read the Question of the Week below - it may help you if you do!



Most of our customers know about Gus - our Cairn Terrier.  Those who come to our live seminars see him at each session.  Like many of you, we love animals - dogs, cats, birds, you name it!  But, having pets can be costly!  So, we try to save wherever we can - like at our online friends, PetCareSupplies.  Click on the banner and see how much you can save.  (Yes, we'll make a buck or so if you purchase but we'd ask you to click even if we didn't!)


Summer Hiatus - Next Seminar

It's time for our summer break from seminars!  There will be no seminar in July or August (but we will have webinars).  Our next seminar will be Saturday, September 8, 2018.  The seminar title is "I Am Not A Crook" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon.  


Question of the Week

Question: "You're on vacation?  What should I do if I have a computer problem?"


Answer: A number of years ago, we created a Vacation Survival Kit for our customers.  This kit helps solve some of the common problems that you might be able to fix yourself while we're away.

The computer world changes pretty fast so we've updated the kit.  Even if you have the first one, we strongly recommend you download the new one.  Just click the button below to download it.  Be sure to print it out so you'll have it in case something does happen.