My Saint, My Hero 
with Amy D’Ambra

Do you have a hero saint? Jack Knight poses this question at the beginning of the interview with Amy D’Ambra. Amy tells the story of a time in her life when she realized something was missing. She had a turning point when God made it clear what was in store for her. She calls it her “awakening”. At one point a medal of St Anthony appeared on her desk….and thus began “My Saint, My Hero” project.
Amy  now oversees the making of inspirational jewelry, including handwoven bracelets and necklaces. The pieces are made by women in Medjugorje, Mexico and Cambodia.  Making these bracelets has helped these women rise above poverty while participating in a religious ministry. Each bracelet has a Italian medal of a saint. Prayers are said while making them and future owners are included.
Amy sees all this was a real vocation from God. She surrendered her will, listened and trusted in what God wanted for her. And now here she is.

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