Think Globally, Act Locally

Dear --FNAME--:

THINK GLOBALLY: Right now, leaders from around the globe are gathering in Paris to come together to discuss the very real issue of global climate change and what our world can do about it.

ACT LOCALLY: We are asking for your support to continue to tackle climate change right here at home. As you know, Bedford 2020 educates residents, pilots innovative programs, improves systems and encourages behavior changes in our community that will make a difference for our environment and our future. See our Progress Report.

But we cannot do this alone. Your actions matter. Your support matters

Bedford 2020 is completely funded by individual contributions and small foundation grants. We rely on people like you in our community who want to see change happening right here, locally, right now.

To those of you who have already contributed to the Bedford 2020 Annual Fund, THANK YOU! If you have not already we ask you to please support our community-wide effort and donate today.

We thank you for your support!
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