Weekly Devotional by Jody Gyulay - December 4, 2019
I am not an organizer or politician, but, if I was, I would like to create a KC Connection. Not Kansas City, but a global-wide connection. A Kindness-Compassion movement. 

Daily we view painful acts of unconsciousness as prejudice, unkindness, bullying, ridicule, smearing another’s name… as if peeling another’s very heart and skin — defenses then go up and negative discourse begins.

Sadly, slamming others is becoming a norm.. Yet, I am guilty of such inconsiderate behaviors. It is a red flag of insecurity. If we are insecure within ourselves, we look down on others so as not to feel the inner pain of worthlessness, un-wholeness. When we become aware of where we truly come from, listening and loving become our gifts.

Healthy interconnectedness comes from recognizing the other as the ‘expert’ in their situation. 

Working together with many heads and hearts can more broadly, less emotionally allow clearer self-knowledge, self-compassion and lovingkindness for both ‘sides’. Most know what they need to do but fear holds us back. Deeper issues call for more togetherness. We desperately need connection with others - heads, minds and hearts. We live in an era of unbelievable avenues of communication, yet, we are more isolated and lonely than ever before. 

 No one can solve every problem. It takes a courageous step or more backward to observe what is truly being asked and what is needed. Approaching problems with an open mind, heart, ears and soul is the crux of togetherness. We must mute our advice-giving agenda. Most hurting beings know what they need. Listen and observe from your own huge heart and mind.

 It is very frightening to snuggle and struggle out of our comfort zone, especially when we are hurting. Nakedly exposed from our soul. Often anxiety, fear, under valued self-worth are sadly our human core. We become  immobilized. Often the ‘problem solvers’ give advice and quickly leave us in the lurch of panic and a sense of failure. Remember the carrier of pain is their own expert.

We have few, to no models, of lovingkindness and compassion. I know many thought Mr. Rodgers was too soupy and sweet. He lived to be a model of those very qualities among many more. He got our attention by his gentle slow loving nature. He taught us to love children into knowledge and kindness. He talked and walked slowly. A model of gentleness and self-kindness and self compassion. He was a warrior of modeling those precious qualities. He courageously dealt with tough, pain-filled subjects for children as death, grief, bullying…

How can we practice lovingkindness and compassion? Listening as shared earlier. Observing the needs of others. Simple acts of kindness are the core. As Mother Teresa taught, do small things with great love. Opening the door for someone, help carry packages, a sincere, honest specific compliment as, “I noticed you were so careful placing the eggs safely in the bag,…I noticed how kind you were to that cranky customer…I noticed how kindly you asked to help that lady…I noticed how kind you are with your children…I notice your contagious smile....I notice your red dress. It makes you radiate.…Thank you for being so kind when I was slow getting my credit card…You make people laugh when you share your jokes…You must have the greatest parents to have co-created YOU!”… Sharing must be integrity of the heart.

World peace has to start on a one-to-one basis. Let us continue following our Sacredness Within. Peace, lovingkindness and compassion will blossom for ourselves and others, even the cranky [or worse] ones.

Dear Kind and Compassionate God, please gently and kindly slow me down and nudge me to become aware of what has always and will always be Within me. Discovering the beautiful fullness and depth that I am is mind boggling. The great gift of awareness comes in silent, mindful times. Try it, you might like it. Amen

Saint Andrew Pastoral Partners
The Saint Andrew Pastoral Partners offer support when you have joys and/or concerns to share, need prayers, or someone to talk to.  We also are available for hospital visits, reaching out to those that are in need or members we haven’t see in awhile, working with your Covenant Group and new members.

Some of our responsibilities include serving communion and sharing the Prayer of Thanksgiving.  We also help out with special services such as the Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunrise Service,  Remembrance Service and Christmas Eve Services.  

Each week we will list three of our Pastoral Partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact them!
Laura Lucier  loveskids40@yahoo.com
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