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101 Reasons to
Adopt a Golden!
reason #48
“Looking for a grilling buddy to test your food first!"
Don't forget that GRRAND has a convenient “Wish List” of items routinely needed at the kennel that directly help GRRAND dogs and those who care for them.
You can find GRRAND’s wish list on Amazon. It’s simple and easy, and Amazon will send the items right to GRRAND so donors do not have to bring them in or send the supplies themselves. Put your Prime membership to good use and help make a difference for GRRAND dogs awaiting placement in a foster home.
Simply go to and select Lists, then Find a List or Registry. Search for GRRAND to view the wish list of much-needed items. When you are ready to checkout, just select GRRAND’s Gift Registry address to make sure the items are shipped to GRRAND.
Shelby is a sweet Great Pyrenees mix. She is house trained, good with cats, and very gentle, but she does spook easily and needs a fenced yard (not an invisible fence). She weighs about 87lbs. If you think Shelby could be the one for you, please fill out an app at right away!
Zoey is so lucky to have landed in the care of GRRAND… she came from a very full shelter who wanted her to move to a rescue and here she is!
She was found as a stray and was never reclaimed. Zoey is extremely scared of what is going on right now but she immediately melts in your hands as soon as you rub her ears! He is so sweet and loves to give grateful kisses for the love she gets. Her eyes are as expressive as they can be an we cannot wait until they are full of life and happiness instead of fear and uncertainty. She is a total sweetheart but is in need of some serious and well over-due TLC and love. She is in need of a family who will keep her socialized so she can keep her sweet personality showing! She is a little leary of strangers at first but warms up right away.
We are still learning about Zoey, so please check back later for more info, or better yet, fill out an app and come meet her!
Fireworks are a standard feature of any Fourth of July party celebrations and although we humans love them, your dog almost certainly won’t.
Aside from scaring them with the loud, unexpected noises and blasts of unexplained light, the fireworks themselves can put your dog in real danger.
Burns from lit and even used fireworks can occur, especially if your dog is frightened by the loud bangs and scampers away for safety.
Additionally, the heavy chemical and toxic makeup of most fireworks certainly aren’t safe to be breathed in by your dog. Potentially toxic ingredients can include arsenic, heavy metals, chlorates and potassium nitrate.
Remember to leave your dog inside at home on the Fourth of July!

Know the Signs
The number one thing to look out for in your dog during hot weather is overheating.
Heavy breathing and panting, an increased heart rate and increased salivation and drooling are all indicators of overheating, while more serious symptoms include physical weakness, a stupor and collapsing.
Severe overheating – when their body hits over 104° – can even cause seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomiting.
Overheating can prove particularly problematic in older or overweight dogs, as well as those with heart or lung disease. If your dog falls into one of these categories, take extra special care.
Sunburn is easily spotted on your dog; their skin will become red and flaky and hot to the touch. The best way to relieve the burn is to take your dog out of the sun and apply a cool compress to the affected area. Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to skin cancers and tumors so do your best to limit direct sun exposure.


Mark Your Calendar for the 2018 GRRAND Affair Casino Night

Friday, November 9th at Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center

  • Seeking Event Sponsors and Casino Table Sponsors

GRRAND is seeking GRRAND Affair event sponsors and sponsors for the Casino Night Tables.  The event this year will feature Casino Tables in place of the Live Auction.  We are seeking business/personal sponsorship for each table (Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold’em).  In addition to the Casino Table sponsors, we are seeking traditional event sponsors from $250 Good Dog Sponsorship to one $10,000 Presenting Sponsor.  You can review the benefits of each sponsorship type and level (including name/logo recognition and tickets to event) and purchase sponsorship at the GRRAND Affair website:

  • Seeking Silent Auction Items

GRRAND Affair committee is also seeking donations for silent auction items.  Items that typically set off a bidding war and raise significant funds for GRRAND include rare/unique bourbon or bourbon related items, designer handbags/jewelry, tickets to local events, and sports memorabilia.  If interested in donating to the silent auction, please contact Debra Weissrock at

For additional ideas, concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee chair, Rachel Swope, at