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Volume 4 Issue 8
August 2011

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Space: The Tactical Frontier
What's Right with Youth Sports?
20 Critical Questions
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In this month's issue:

At what ages should players be introduced to more advanced techniques of play? Take a look at Tom Turner's excellent analysis below to find out. We've all heard horror stories about what's wrong with youth sports; Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck, discusses what's right. And, we highly recommend you play "20 Questions" by reading Dr. Chris Stankovich's brief but thought-provoking article, 20 Critical Parent Questions for Success in Youth Sports.

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Space: The Tactical Frontier
Tom Turner
By Tom Turner

Just as children's books are geared to the level of the reader, there are many sound educational reasons why children under the age of thirteen should be playing smaller versions of 11-a-side soccer. Particularly for those under eleven, the following arguments are significant. Socially, children are still finding out who they are and are very much into their own small world. Physically, they are not very strong, and many are just beginning to discover how to coordinate the movements of their lower limbs in relation to objects, such as soccer balls. Read Article
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Brian GottaWhat's Right With Youth Sports?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

If you're like me, you may be tired of always hearing about the negatives associated with youth sports. Yes, we know, there are insane parents fighting on the sidelines, overzealous coaches screaming at kids who make mistakes. The list goes on. We all know there is plenty that has and will go wrong. But what's right with youth sports? Read Article

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Dr. Stankovich

20 Critical Parent Questions for Success in Youth Sports

by Dr. Chris Stankovich

These 20 questions will take only take a few minutes to read, but they may help you for a lifetime of communicating with and motivating your young athlete. Fantastic information that will help any parent improve. Read Article

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