Volume 10, Issue 5
May, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Still deciding how to select your league's all-stars? We have put together a guide which we feel is practical and fair, as well as a template letter explaining the process to parents to ensure total transparency. Make sure the most deserving players are chosen, and that everyone is comfortable with the results.

In this issue: Doug Bernier returns with easy-to-understand instruction coaches can use to teach their players about sliding. Brian Gotta wonders if our desire to create perfection in children at an early age might backfire. And Craig Sigl is back with another terrific piece all parents of young athletes can relate to.



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How to Slide
By Doug Bernier

Sliding is how we get into a base as quickly as possible while maintaining contact with the bag (i.e. not over running it and risk getting tagged). Sliding can be used to stop or redirect our momentum, break up a double play on the bases, or make a tag play more difficult by using a hook slide. Read Article
Building Robots
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It is very easy to search the internet and find articles written about over-competitive coaches who ruined the experience for young players and turned them off a sport. But soon, I am concerned, there will be just as many kids who are disenchanted not by hyper-aggressive coaches, but by too much structure at an early age. I read this on a soccer club website: Read Article

Failure Q & A
By Craig Sigl

I’ve noticed people can take great offense to the word “failure,” especially in a youth sports context. So, first, let’s define what failure is? Read Article