February 2021

Event Updates
Mark your calendars! February 22nd! Painting for Paws! They will have a small group so everyone can practice social distancing. LIMITED SPACES! Sign up today!

Virtual Painting for Paws! is scheduled for March 1st from 6pm - 8pm. Kits can be picked up or mailed.
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Save the date!
Another Online Auction for CARA event has been scheduled for March 21st!
Save the date! Details and registration will come in the Spring!
Our Ride For Their Lives! has been rescheduled for September 2021! Stay tuned for more details.
Message from our President
Happy Valentine’s Day dear friends of CARA!

      This is a time of year we are thinking of all the sweet & loving people around us. At CARA, we have a shelter full of wonderful furbabies looking for that person or special family to take them in and give them a warm and loving environment. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you can see stories on how our furbabies have stolen the hearts of our volunteers and keep up with new arrivals, stories on how they have progressed plus keep updated on our events. 

      With COVID, we are still requiring all visitors to have appointments. That requires you to go to our website and fill out an adoption application. This will give us valuable information that will make your appointment shorter therefore limit the chances of spreading COVID. We need to protect our volunteers because they are essential caregivers to our four legged guest. We are looking forward to the day we can open our doors again to walk in visitors and see the smiling faces of you and your family when you come through our doors for the first time and get a rush of expanding your family.

     Speaking of events, stay tuned for updates on our returning events as we start planning events with social distancing. Our AniMall dog adoption event will be kicking off this month. We are at a new location at Stonehenge Market in Raleigh located at 7400 Creedmoor Rd. in Raleigh near Harris Teeter. Details will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

We are still working on improving our other events for this year plus add new and exciting things like weekly Tail Waging 50/50 online drawing, a Memorial & Celebratory Paw Print Mural to be erected at the shelter and a vamped up Puttycat & Puppy Sponsorship for new arriving furbabies were you can get a commemorative pillow with a picture of the pet you sponsored with the name of the pet on it and a special message. You can sponsor a pet as a birthday, holiday or for a special occasion or just because you have a big heart! More details to be announced!

 As for our GoFundMe fundraiser for an industrial washer and dryer set, we are $2,000 away from getting the money needed. If you want to help reach this goal, you can go to our website to donate, go to our GoFundMe page or mail a check to us to help!

Thank you for your support,
 Steve Frederick
 CARA Volunteer
CARA's Cutest Duo
Tilly Wonder (Left) & Brenda (Right)
Happy Valentine's Day from Tilly Wonder and Brenda!

Tilly Wonder and Brenda are PURRR-fect for each other. Brenda, who's our longest resident, was requesting to be the only cat in the house until she recently. She has bonded with her foster sister Tilly Wonder. Brenda is a 5 year old former momma kitty and has taken Tilly Wonder under her wing. Her momma instincts have kicked in to help Tilly Wonder learn how to be a cat without eyes. Brenda came to CARA with her two kittens and both her kittens have already found homes. She has come along way from not trusting people to now loving people. She does request to have a quiet and calm home. This former barn cat is ready to have a home she can call her own with Tilly Wonder.

Tilly Wonder is a sweet 3 month old kitten. Little Tilly had a rough start to life and learning how to live without her eyes. Tilly has grown attached to Brenda and has helped her adjust to life with her sense of sight. Since Tilly Wonder is special needs, she needs a home where her owners won't change her environment all the time. Tilly requires to be in a one-story home since stairs can be dangerous for her. Even though she can be adopted separately from Brenda, she really hopes to be adopted with her foster sister.

Fill out an application today for Brenda and/or Tilly Wonder, who are patiently waiting for a forever home. If you want to know more information about Brenda and Tilly Wonder and  their friends, call 919-774-9433 or email sheltermanager@cara-nc.org.
Sponsor of the Month:
Piggly Wiggly
Piggly Wiggly is one of our proud sponsors and donates money to us yearly. Not only do they support us, but they supporters of CUOC and other organizations in the area. CARA has donation boxes at the Sanford locations.
Virtual Painting for Paws!
We've added a Virtual Painting for Paws! Paint in the comfort of your own home, while the Artist guides you through step by step to paint this wonderful canvas picture!! Order your kit online (which includes everything you need to complete your picture)! Kits can be mailed to you directly, or picked up at The Painted Petal Studio! Event is schedule for March 1st from 6pm to 8pm. 
Facebook link: 
A Thank You to Our Sponsors
Job Opportunities
Midday Volunteer Opportunity:
Interested volunteers must by 18 years or older. Person must be able to commit one day a week for three months. Midday volunteers come in the afternoons at 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm. Volunteers must be comfortable with any kind of dog and/or cat. We have a wide variety of dogs from big to small and low energy to high energy. Middays will go through a couple of days of training. Tasks that middays do are checking on cats in the cat room, letting dogs out in the yard to play and socialize, walking dogs, work on basic commands, and checking water bowls at the end of your shift. We need Midday volunteers for Mondays and/or Wednesdays. If interested, email Mary Ann Gaster at bmagaster5170@gmail.com or cara@cara-nc.org.

ACG (Animal Care Giver) Positions (Paid Position):
Potential ACG must by 18 years or older. We need an ACG for Saturdays and Sundays between the times of 7am to 11am. The pay is $8.25/hour. AM ACG tasks include feeding animals, letting dogs out to potty, cleaning kennels, laundry, washing dishes, taking care of cats and administering medication when needed. ACGs need to be comfortable handling a variety of dogs and cats, have good time management, and have a passion for taking care of animals. If interested, email your resume at cara@cara-nc.org.

Groundskeeper/General Repair Person(s):
We are in need of grounds keeping and general repair persons needed as volunteers! Volunteers need to be self-motivated and have general knowledge on grounds keeping or general repairs. As little as one day a month or more will help us keep CARA in tip top shape. 

Things you can do at CARA that will make a big difference:
Pressure Washing
Weed trimming
Hedge trimming
Tree trimming
Using a leaf blower
Replacing light bulbs

If you are interested in helping with maintenance, email us at sheltermanager@cara-nc.org.
Industrial Washer/Dryer
We are still in need of help! CARA needs an industrial washer and dryer to keep up with the amount of laundry that needs to be done on a daily basis. Any donation is appreciated.

Midday slots available on
Mondays and Wednesdays
Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsoring a CARA dog and/or cat is another option to support CARA since our fundraisers have either been canceled or moved to be virtual. We are featuring certain CARA animals that need sponsors to help cover their care while they are with us. We are asking for $100 total per animal. This covers the animal's spay/neuter and feeding them.

Call CARA at 919-774-9433 to inquire about Sponsorship opportunities! Many of our kittens are coming of age and will need to spayed/neutered before they go home. This is another way to help CARA and the animals we care for until they find their forever homes!
We are in need of items for our Cat Room! We need to replace some things we currently have in the cat room. Look below for the WishList in the right column for items we need in the cat room.
Make sure to use Amazon Smile when ordering! You can find all the items above on our Wishlist. Click on the AmazonSmile picture and it will redirect you to our wishlist. In the URL make sure the site address says: smile.amazon.com.
We are looking forward to the day we can open our doors to the you without health safety measures and having events with our CARA. We miss seeing you and wish you and your family the very best during these difficult times.

42 Deep River Rd, Sanford, NC |  919·774·9433 | cara@cara-nc.org