+ Debut EP MATRIMONY out November 8th
Photo Credit: ​​​​​​​James Rönkkö

"A warped, futuristic piece of psychedelia and electro funk.​​​​​​​" - COMPLEX UK
"Lustrous arrangements and stimulating songwriting." - Notion
"Bountifully fruitful​​​​​​." - FLAUNT
"Brings an unexpected brand of lo-fi electronica." - EARMILK
"An undeniable, hazy track that highlights a glitchy, swelling beat." - This Song Is Sick
 "An exquisite debut single." - Indie Shuffle
"Abstract and rhythmic." - The Wild Honey Pie
"A laid-back, yet unique effort that takes cues from greats like Jai Paul and Toro y Moi." - Hillydily

Newcomer Pedi Hashemian, who performs as DJ ST THOMAS, aims to produce a divine mix of sprawling electronics with a glistening, funky aura. The New York City based Persian experimental electronic artist quickly established himself with his well-received debut single “FODDER" earlier this summer. With "FODDER," DJ ST THOMAS is setting into motion his eclectic vision and affinity for a multitude of genres, which will culminate in the release of his debut EP MATRIMONY, out on November 8th.

Today, DJ ST THOMAS shares his second single, “323.” The fuzzed-out endeavor extends toward the depths of chillwave, electronic, and soulful dance. Casting many moods on “323,” DJ ST THOMAS once again operates under a DIY ethos by writing, mixing, mastering, and producing all of his work. Thematically, the track is a commentary on the vapid culture of Los Angeles. “323” captures the artistry of DJ ST THOMAS—from innovative, lustrous arrangements to insightful, stimulating songwriting.

DJ ST THOMAS shares this about “323,”
“‘323’ is about a trip to LA that was taken to write music and while there, it felt like everyone valued material wealth over emotional wealth. ‘Real Money's on the ground, but you want to fly private, color blind now, all the green you see is violet.’"

The single is accompanied by a music video directed by DJ ST THOMAS and James Rönkkö and produced by Alicé Agrusa as an ALTABREA project (a production company based in NYC). The “323” visual clip was shot at Central Park and Wrestle Pro wrestling school in New Jersey. The narrative follows a bodybuilder displaying signs of insecurities about his avocations, but exhibiting an altered demeanor amongst his bodybuilding peers. The music video displays a theme of shedding societal notions of hyper masculinity and by taking a closer look at true vulnerability often dismissed by men.

A skilled guitarist, bassist, and pianist, DJ ST THOMAS’ name was coined from the idea that everything that’s musical is a simply a curation of sounds. The moniker is also derived from a conversation amongst friends that led to watching Thomas the Tank Engine mash-up videos. Hashemian decided to combine his interpretation of what a DJ is while paying homage to everyone’s favorite steamy tank engine.

DJ ST THOMAS worked on his debut EP MATRIMONY for over two years between New York and Knoxville. MATRIMONY as a whole explores the concept of transitory love.

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