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Falling leaves, cool breezes, long walks, cozy clothes: there are SO many reasons to love autumn, but there are even more reason to fall in love with Gravatt! Here are just a few:

1.   Sandy strolls on leafy paths: We all love a good stroll through Gravatt grounds, but you haven’t lived until you’ve done it in the fall. The South Carolina heat eases into warm afternoons and breezy evenings, and there’s truly nothing better. Grab a friend and come romp through the pines with us this fall!

2.   Campfires: The best part of camp is campfire. With memory-rich songs, hilarious skits, and tasty s’mores, can you think of a more perfect way to cap off a day at Gravatt with friends?

3.   Delicious Food: A guest group never leaves without RAVING over the food at Gravatt. Our kitchen staff is top of the line, always preparing the most scrumptious meals with fresh ingredients. You’ll never leave hungry; that’s for sure!

4.   Outstanding Programs: The value of our summer camp program is no secret, but Gravatt is expanding! We’re hosting our annual Big Delicious Event (with a twist; see below) in October, but we’ve also added New Years Camp for campers grades 6-11! New Years Camp will involve everything you love about summer camp, plus New Years Camp exclusive programming like a New Years Eve Ball!

5.   Moving Outreach: 2018 will mark the 8th year of our Christmas Retreat for Military Families. Registration opened October 1, and in just over 24 hours, we were forced to close registration due to boundless interest! We couldn’t hold events like these, totally free to military families, if not for the generosity of our Gravatt family, and we can’t wait for this year’s retreat!

At Gravatt, there’s so much to “fall” in love with in 2018!

Big Delicious Event
Cast Iron Chef Edition

It is the Big Delicious Event you know and love, but with an all-new twist! Chef Brandon Velie of Juniper will prepare your meal with "secret ingredients," revealed to him at the event! Join us to be surprised and delighted by Brandon's creativity and wit, as he prepares delectable meals on the spot and shares tips and tricks you can replicate in your own kitchen.
Christmas Retreat for Military Families is booked!
Want to contribute?

In just over 24 hours, our Christmas Retreat for Military Families was booked! These families are READY for a weekend of family fun at Gravatt. With high and low ropes course, arts and crafts, caroling, gingerbread house building, hiking, etc., they are in for so much fun! This event is a Gravatt staff favorite, and it's something we look forward to every year. Interested in contributing to the event? Just click the button below and designate your gift to the Christmas Retreat for Military Families! 
Deeds and Needs
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters and acknowledge current need.

The Shalom Circle 2018-2019 is making incredible strides on the $25,000 goal of a Wet Wellie Waterslide for summer 2019 (see right). We want to give a special shout out to those of you who have already given to the project! Gravatt is truly blessed by the generosity of folks like you!

We need Christmas Helper Elves! Anyone willing to donate a batch if cookies or gingerbread building supplies, please contact Kara Dye at!
What's coming up at Gravatt?
6th-11th Grades ring in 2019 at Gravatt!
Let us thank YOU!
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