April 2017 Newsletter

We hope you had a joyous EASTER and that you were able to join the HPN community in prayer, fasting, and celebration! We had a wonderful time of Fasting and we know that God’s hand touched the professionals in the global entertainment industry. Let’s thank the Lord for what He’s doing in our creative communities and enjoy this time of year as April showers bring May flowers! Let’s pray - -


•  Keep praying for the impact that Easter had on the people in our industry

•  Continue to pray for the impending Writers Strike

•  Pray for Eddie Murphy and David Letterman as they mourn

•  Lee Strobel’s worldwide best selling book “The Case For Christ” is a film

•  Pray for Netflix Chief Exec., Ted Sarandos as he moves the business to LA

•  Pray for Michael as he deals with pushback on his film Wraith

•  Pray for the people in the largest porn industry in the world in LA

•  It’s that time of year for Television UpFronts

•  Four specific ways to pray this month for Hollywood

•  Don’t miss our HPN “The Hollywood Community” video in Spanish

•  Join HPN through our Weekly Devotional on YouVersion or Bible.com

•  Don’t miss our Upcoming Events 

Please keep praying for the impact that Easter had on the people in our industry.  We want to see more artists and entertainment pros come to know the Lord, so will you keep praying for the hearts of creative professionals, and ask that they be drawn to Him.

Continue to Pray for Impending Strike 
Continue to pray for the impending writers strike:
The Writers Guild of America is negotiating with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) to come to an agreement on the new writers contracts.  The old contract expires on May 1st and appears they may not come to an agreement. The Guild has to vote for authorization of a strike, the vote will take place from April 19-24 and it looks like it will pass by possibly 90% to strike.  If so, the strike begins on May 1st.  Please pray for the Negotiating Committee and the leaders of the AMPTP to be able to come to a peaceful, timely, wise decision that will avoid a strike.  The last WGA strike was devastating to our industry and it’s families and we are all very concerned about this looming strike.  For more information about the terms, based on our quickly changing television, cable and internet landscape:   
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Pray for Eddie Murphy & David Letterman's Family
Let’s pray for Eddie Murphy and David Letterman as each of these iconic comedians deals with the loss of a family member.  Just last week Eddie’s 57 year old brother and fellow comedian Charlie, passed away unexpectedly. David Letterman’s 95 year old mother passed away.  She was also a comedian who appeared quite often as a guest on her son’s Talk Show.  During these times we pray that the people left behind will seek God and find His peace, His comfort, and hope.  May the Lord fill up Eddie, David and their family’s hearts. To read more on Murphy's brother's death, click here. Click below for info on David Letterman's mom:

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Pray for impact of Case of Christ
A good way to use entertainment to encourage others to take a step closer to God is through watching a film together.  Lee Strobel’s worldwide best selling book, turned film, “The Case For Christ” just opened in theatres around the country on April 7th. and it’s got an 84% LIKE score from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, a respected industry critics rating site! Let’s pray for its effectiveness, especially during this Easter season.  Maybe you’ll want to take someone to it and then have a great conversation afterwards, asking your friend or family member questions about what it meant to them.  Here are the details:
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Netflix Moving Productions to LA
Pray for Netflix Chief Exec., Ted Sarandos as he makes the decision to move the fast growing corporate and production offices of Netflix to California.  This would be a huge step to bring production back to our city and our state and it would be a tremendous gain for industry professionals who can’t find work in town.  Production companies have been chasing the tax incentives that other states offer to save money and “Sarandos is essentially announcing Netflix is done playing that game. He said that for the creatives in Hollywood, having to move away from home and family is an unhealthy sacrifice.” 
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Pray for director of Wraith
Pray for Michael, as he screens his independent film Wraith, dealing with current controversial issues of life and spiritual warfare. It is just beginning to show theatrically in the Midwest and he has already experienced an abundance of hate mail, weird blogs and nastiness, along with great initial success. Michael says, “Not that we can't all stand a little persecution for strengthening the inner man, but please pray for protection for the film and my family.” 
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Pray for People in Porn Industry
Pray for the people in the largest porn industry in the world, right here in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Hollywood.  People are selling their souls in porn every day to make money. So would you pray for God’s healing power to capture the hearts of both the people who are involved in making it and those who buy it and watch it. As you pray, ask the Lord to use films that tell the truth about porn to reveal their destruction and to save lives from this highly addictive industry. One of those coming out is Ten Million Throwaways, a gripping six-part documentary television miniseries, filmed on location in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas, that explores the effects of the multi-billion dollar porn industry in LA, and its direct links to human sex trafficking throughout America.

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Pray for Television Upfronts
It’s that time of year for Television Upfronts, when all of the networks and cable channels pitch their new TV pilots and shows to media buyers.  Because they survive on advertising, it’s an important time to see what shows will bring in sponsorship and what their upcoming Fall season will look like.  Would you pray for wisdom as the deals are being made and for shows of beauty, truth and inspiration to attract the media buyers. 

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Prayers for Hollywood

Many HPN members have emailed in the question of how to pray for Hollywood and the people here.  So, this month we give you four specific prayers that you can pray all month. 


  1. For Christians to be living Christ-like lives as they live and work in the entertainment industry.
  2. For Christians to pray for the people in Hollywood to experience God’s unconditional love in a tangible, life-changing way.
  3. For more Christians to gather together in prayer for our culture creators and cultural influencers as much as they pray for our political leaders.
  4. For the Lord to bring a spiritual revival into Hollywood, New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Milan and the other leading media and entertainment centers around the world!
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Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing support and prayers. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we truly believe that you are a part of making an eternal difference in our world by praying for the people, the projects and the issues in the world’s most influential marketplace!

With love,
Karen, Megan, Veronica, and Kim
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Tips of the Month
What are you like when you’re alone?  
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Quote of the Month
“Forty years ago I heard a lecturer say, 'Chicago is full of the devil and also of the glory of God.'  That’s Hollywood today.  Millions think the movie capital is a vest pocket edition of hell.  Certainly, if you want to look for rottenness you’ll find it.  But the glory of God is in Hollywood, too.”

William F. McDermott, in an article called ”I Found God in Hollywood,” which appeared in Pageant magazine in Feb. 1952!

Verse of the Month
"It (Hollywood) is a land the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end."   Deuteronomy 11:12
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