Volume 7, Issue 11
November, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving from CoachDeck!

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In this issue:
Alan Jaeger is an expert at the mental approach. Whether it be for baseball or softball, youth to pro, this month's article will bring out the best in players. Brian Gotta's tongue-and-cheek quiz will tell you if you're too wrapped up in your kids' sports. And John O'Sullivan writes about coaches who demand 100% loyalty to their sport and team.

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Mound Management
By Alan Jaeger

Being “Process Oriented” (as opposed to Result Oriented) is the single most important principle to understand about a players’ Mental Game approach.  Being Process Oriented means that you are so committed to this action that the results of your action no longer exist.  The present moment is all that matters.  And the instinctive nature of an athlete can take over because “thoughts” cease to exist. Read Article

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Are You Taking Your Child's Sports Too Seriously?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

There are many reasons we might get a little nutty when it comes to our children's sports. We may be so concerned about their happiness that we believe failure in sports will be devastating to them. There could be some competitive feelings with parents of other children. And we may be hoping for them to live dreams we had in our youth. And yet, consciously, we might not realize any of these apply to us. Take this quiz and see if you could be in a little “too deep” when it comes to your kids' sports. Read Article

Coaches, A Little Common Sense Please!
By John O'Sullivan 

“My 8 year old had 6 days of soccer last week!” “My 11 year old’s coach said he could not play on any other soccer teams except his. No futsal with his friends, no indoor, nothing but this team.” “My 13 year old was told that if he did not commit to play Fall baseball, on top of spring and summer ball, the high school coaches would hold it against him come tryouts next year." These are all actual emails and notes I have received from parents regarding the pressure to commit to a single sport, and a single team. Read Article
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