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Get Ready for Valentine's Day
In case you missed last week's special edition newsletter about member PR Opportunities, I'm sharing it here again. I know how busy everyone is and if you're like me, it is hard to stay on top of my overflowing in-box! 
I'm excited to announce that advance planning for Valentine's Day 2018 is getting started NOW! And here's how you can participate:

Slowflowers.com is again working with Lola Honeybone and Mediaworkshop Nashville to promote local and seasonal flowers for the upcoming romance-centric floral holiday on February 14th. Lola led the successful Press Launch for the unveiling of Slowflowers.com in 2014 and I'm excited to work with her on this project. 
Why are we talking about Valentine's Day in September, you ask?
Consumer print and broadcast media outlets plans well in advance of bloggers and other "new media," so October is the month to get started on long-lead story pitches to lifestyle magazines, broadcast media and wire services.
Do you want to get involved? Yes?! Great!!
Click on the link below to complete our story-starter survey. We'd love to include you in the press roundup of progressive and sustainable floral design for Valentine's Day giving!
Photo above: Courtesy Foxglove Market
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Advance PR Opportunity: Johnny's Seeds' November Newsletter
Our community's on-farm workshops and events help connect consumers with flowers and generate an additional income stream, especially during the off-season. Photograph of Marybeth Wehrung (Stars of the Meadow Farm): Courtesy Hudson Valley Flower Growers Network
Slowflowers.com has partnered with our sponsor Johnny's Selected Seeds to contribute a series of fresh, flower-focused articles in The Advantage, Johnny's monthly newsletter. We are excited to include Slowflowers.com members, their flowers and their design work! 

The upcoming NOVEMBER article, the final post for 2017, takes a look at how Slowflowers.com members who have created ON-FARM WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS. I'd love to feature you in the story!
Here are the questions to answer when you submit photos:
  • Describe event or workshop, including DATE(s) and TITLE(s)
  • How many people attended?
  • What were your goals for the event? (education? revenue? marketing?)
  • What tips to you have for other flower farmers who want to try staging events/workshops?
Send your answers and images to: debraprinzing@gmail.com
Deadline is October 15th! As a small measure of our thanks, Johnny’s would like to send you an offer code for use on your next purchase if your material is featured in the article.
Slowflowers.com Member News
Thanks to our relationship with Johnny's Selected Seeds, I've contributed several reports featuring Slowflowers.com members and their work this year.
For our September article, we asked: "What are your 5th Season Favorites?" Here's an excerpt:
Celebrating the beautiful, the abundant & the unexpected during the summer–fall transition
"Here it is, late summer already, the time of year the Chinese regard as the 'fifth season.' Others have called it 'high season' or the 'in-between season.' As we transition into that wonderful moment between summer and fall when everything reaches completeness, I asked members of the Slow Flowers Community to share their favorite standouts of the fifth season — uncommon and tried-and-true botanicals that appear in our fields and design studios as summer turns to autumn; as hints of fall beckon. . . "
Click here to read "Fifth Season Regional Floral Elements"►
Slow Flowers Journal
The third edition of the "Slow Flowers Journal" (print edition) appears in the pages of Florists' Review for the October issue. That content will appear in next month's newsletter, but here's a recap of September's editorial.
Inspired by our online magazine, also called Slow Flowers Journal, the print edition is packed with beautiful, relatable stories about florists, flower farmers and other pioneers in the Slow Flowers community.
Several Slow Flowers Members appear in the September issue, including:
Mary Kate Kinnane of The Local Bouquet in an article called "American Grown Weddings"
Heather Grit of Glamour & Grit in an article called "Michigan Grown"
and Jennifer Haf of BLOOM Floral Design in an article called "The Gardener-Florist"
Discover more fresh, original content online at SlowFlowersJournal.com
Click here to read the recap and download PDFs of each September article►
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Slow Flowers Sponsors
Peony Design Contest
Above: BEST ART FOR ART’S SAKE DESIGN by Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas of Flourish

Just announced in the September issue of Florists' Review: Winners of the first “Peony Design Contest,” a project sponsored by a trio of peony farms in the Homer, Alaska region — *Scenic Place Peonies*Chilly Root Peony Farm and Joslyn Peonies LLC. *Slow Flowers Members
Slowflowers.com supported the contest and will provide an annual Premium membership listing to all three designers.
Congratulations to all! Be inspired as you plan ahead for next year’s peony harvest!
Click here to read about all the Winners►
Slow Flowers Press

We want to support your public relations efforts! If you have a story to share with the press, get in touch! We provide talking points, industry facts & statistics and other valuable resources to help you with media interviews in your community.
Contact: info@slowflowers.com and write PRESS in the subject line.
Slow Flowers member Carolyn Thompson of Willow & Mabel Garden Co. in Poulsbo, Washington, recently featured in the Kitsap Sun daily newspaper (photos: Kitsap Sun)
Making a Business from Local Blooms 
By Terri Gleich
Kitsap Sun
(September 3, 2017)
CENTRAL KITSAP — Carolyn Thompson was in her 40s, toiling away at a boring office job and wondering what she was going to do with the rest of her life when a magazine article inspired her to begin cultivating a more colorful future.
“I was in my gray cubicle punching in numbers and thinking, is this my legacy? Is this how people are going to remember me?”
Click here to read the full story about Willow & Mabel►
The Disruptor: Debra Prinzing and the Slow Flowers Movement 
By Rochelle Greyer, Pith & Vigor online magazine
(September 2, 2017)
"Debra Prinzing has started a movement and a nationwide conversation around local and American grow flowers that has changed the way we purchase cut flowers.  This interview shares some of her 'Slow Flowers' story.  My personal favorite part is how this remarkable movement, that has spawned multiple books, embraced and supported thousands of small farmers (most of which are women), and has even seen Debra lobbying congress, was originally born of a blog series. For a blogger like myself, it doesn't get anymore interesting and exciting than that."
Click here to read the full Q&A with Debra ►
Save the Date:
Slow Flowers @ FLOWERSTOCK

Take advantage of a generous Slow Flowers discount code that Holly Chapple has shared for anyone who wishes to attend the upcoming FLOWERSTOCK at Hope Farm in Waterford, Virginia, October 9-10. 
I’ll be leading creative writing exercisesfor attendees, guiding as everyone begins to record a personal floral narrative . . . and would love to see you there!
Hope farm is located just outside of the nation's capitol. Floral professionals and members of the community will gather for two days of demonstrations and talks by renowned floral designers like Ariella Chezar, Robbie Honey, Pat Roberts & Sherry Spencer and Holly herself. 
NOW, to sweeten the deal, Holly is offering a special $200 discount for the Slow Flowers community. Use FSSLOWFLOWER for a discount off of either the one-day or two-day registration. This discount can also be used for Flowerstock's "#treattheteam" offer to buy 2 tickets get the 3rd for free. Get in touch with me or write to: flowers@hollychappleflowers.com to request the promo code for the free ticket if you bring a third member of your staff or team.
Click here for more details & Flowerstock Registration►
LISTEN: Slow Flowers Podcasts for September
Each week the Slow Flowers Podcast releases a new episode featuring timely interviews with flower farmers and floral designers whose wisdom and insights will inspire you! More than 240,000 episode downloads to date!

Check out the wide range of guests introduced to you last month and join the thousands of listeners we educate and inform each week:

Episode 313 (September 6): Rachel Lord of Alaska Stems pursues a different floral path
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Welcome to our New Slow Flowers Members

We welcomed 12 new & renewing members to Slowflowers.com in September! Check them out and be sure to say hello!
Art in Bloom, Brighton, Michigan 
Flower Classroom, Kansas City, Missouri 
Sweet Luck Farm, Monroe, Washington
Marshdale Farms, Hopewell, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Passlongs Farm & Florist, Northhampton, Massachusetts 
Little Island Flower Co., Cathlamet, Washington 
Myco Floral Farm, Chicago, Illinois 
Blossom Thyme Hill Flower Farm, Ozark, Missouri 
Calhoun Flower Farms, Las Cruces, New Mexico 
Flowers of Florence, Florence, Massachusetts 
Thorne & Thistle, Opelika, Alabama  
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THANK YOU to our family of sponsors for 2017