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Issue 3 Volume 5
May 2010
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Coaching Children Under 11
Good Old Days?
The Car Ride Home
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With spring leagues winding down, it is again time to begin planning those fall seasons. We hope you'll consider making CoachDeck part of your coach training/coach appreciation plans!
There's so much new here at CoachDeck it is hard to fit it all in. Our new CoachDeck for Softball is scheduled for release this summer so finally the girls get their own deck!
We've established relationships with two new and growing companies. One provides online registration and communication tools; the other allows us to build you a custom online sporting goods store you can link to from your league website. This unique fundraising opportunity is being used by hundreds of organizations and it's FREE! Best of all, no one has to sell anything and no one on your board has to manage it. If you'd like more information on either or both:
We also believe you'll enjoy the new way we're presenting our informative and interesting articles, which enables you to share your viewpoint and read feedback from others. Read Tom Turner's third installment on coaching kids under 11 and pass along your feedback. And, do you think sports today are too structured, too serious, and ruined by crazed parents? Or do you believe the times in which we live dictate more supervision, and that heightened parental involvement is a good thing? Brian Gotta's article presents both sides of debate. We'd love to hear from you so we know what you think.
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Enjoy this issue of On Deck, and thank you for all you do for youth sports.
Coaching Children Under Eleven - Part ThreeTom Turner
By Tom Turner

This is the sixth installment in our multi-part series designed to provide fundamental instruction on which technical and tactical skills coaches should be working on with their kids at each age group. Coaching tips on dribbling, shooting, ball control and heading. Read Article
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Brian GottaThe Good Old Days?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I once heard an amusing quote which was, "If someone ever says they miss the 'good old days,' tell them to turn off the air conditioning." When most of us grew up there was no PlayStation, cable TV or Internet - things our kids take for granted today. Would any of us want to go back in time before these and so many other technological advances? Yet I can remember coming home from school each day and calling everyone I knew to arrange a pick-up football, baseball or basketball game, depending on the season. Read Article
Our Mission? Help Kids Play
Raise money for your league by selling your own discount value cards with great offers from local merchants. We arrange the offers, you sell at a great profit. People love our value cards and use them year-round. There is still time for fall fundraising! Email or visit our website at
The Care Ride Home Dr. Cohn
By Dr. Patrick Cohn
Coach Brian Gardner of St. Louis, MS has coached ice hockey for 10 years and even led one team of 11- to 12-year-olds to a national championship. Some of Gardner's players' parents drive for as long as 1.5 hours to get their kids to the ice rink. That's a long time for parents to be alone with their kids after a game, says Gardner. Especially if they spend that time talking about the players' performance. Read Article
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