March 9, 2018
Today's temperature:  -3ºC
Tomorrow’s temperature: +3ºC; Sunday: -0ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: Light dusting
Packed base: 10-15 cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

“WOW” that’s all I can say….

I just got back from one of my best skis of the year.  With the fresh snow over the weekend and consistent cool temperatures our trails are amazing.  Our grooming aficionados will continue to groom and manicure the trails with great precision, so we can happily ski our hearts out into April.  Some may want the snow to melt…we say “Nay”  with these conditions we will gladly ski right into Spring.

On another note the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics were last night.  The competition will be starting so please check in to the races and support our local Paralympian Derek Zaplotinsky.  See below for more info.

See you on the trails!
Grooming Report:
We're grooming the trails today (skate lanes and at least 1 set of classic tracks on all trails).  We will continue to groom on Saturday if needed.  All the trails are in excellent condition.
West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose March 9 March 9 Excellent                             
Moose March 9 March 9 Excellent
Old Ridgeway March 9 March 9 Excellent
Deer March 9 March 9 Excellent
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox March 9 March 9 Excellent
Owl March 9 March 9 Excellent
Wagon March 9 March 9 Excellent
Coyote North March 9 March 9 Excellent
Coyote South March 9 March 9 Excellent
Old Ridgeway March 9 March 9 Excellent
Wax Recommendations:
Snow will be cold in the morning warming in the afternoon.
Glide: Swix LF7 (AM), LF8 (PM)
Grip: Swix VR45 (AM), Swix VR 75 Soft Klisterwax or KX35 Violet Special Klister  if the temperature reaches +3 as predicted.  
SWC Updates on 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

SWC's very own Derek Zaplotinsky is settling in well in PyeongChang.  The opening ceremonies are over and now the team is getting ready for the start of the competition.

Update from Bjorn - 

Busy few days getting settled and prepped for the first race (today!). The Village is great, Team Canada all in one building. Food is good too, lots of selection.

It has snowed over 60cm here this week - the average annual snowfall is 20cm! Trails are in good shape, looks like some rain and significant warming next week.

Opening Ceremonies last night were spectacular and nice to have everything so close. Our host nation is proudly putting on a wonderful Paralympic experience.

Derek is excited to get the first race underway, biathlon sprint. Training is done, it's go time!


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