ARENA CREATIVE GROUP _____________  MANLY MEN ISSUE -- February 3, 2020
Soundformation Healing Arts Studio, Los Angeles
Hello my friends,
Happy 2020 and best wishes for a power-packed and productive abundant year! I want to drop this straight forward email out to you to take a look at a HUGE concern that has been a hot topic in conversations these days with my clients and associates. There are too many men dealing with too much on their respective plates. It’s no secret that we live in very stressful times, as our victories are met with constant challenges, especially regarding the quality of self-care and personal Health and Wellness.
A recent survey revealed that the number one challenge men face with their self-care is having no structured and time-efficient practice or routine.

Let me ask you . . .
Are you flooded with responsibilities, time pressure, and stress making sure everything works for others, while you may have neglected to take time to care of yourself?

How do you deal with your Self-Care?
Do you have and maintain a routine or daily practice that is not only keeping the wolf from the door, but is giving you a preventive edge, control, and mastery over your wellness? Do you have any habits or challenges that may be preventing you from sustaining a wellness routine that you just know you have to change? Are you feeling frustrated and concerned that if you keep going on in the same way…something’s got to give??

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a personal self-care wellness routine you can do in just 20 minutes twice a day, so you can look forward to increased vitality, strength, flexibility and sex drive, with improved mental clarity and focus in just five weeks.​​​​​​​
Imagine experiencing yourself 5 weeks from now …stepping into a revitalized version of yourself:
🍎  No more brain fog, fatigue, and inflexibility
🍎  No more low libido, mood swings, or anxiety
🍎  No lack of motivation or excuses about your ability to succeed
🍎  No tedious hours at the gym
If you are ready to follow through this year, up your game, and step into this new version of yourself, I want to invite you to join us for RE Vitalize and Harmonize your Health, an exclusive 5 week Self Care online coaching/ mastermind program for men starting in February.
This is NOT a Lone Wolf program!  I'm calling in a tight community of motivated men who are just right for this unique wellness experience. However, due to the highly personalized nature of this type of program model, I am only accepting 10 committed men.​​​​​​​
Feeling inspired to join this powerful team of men who'll support you in your journey towards radical wellness transformation and growth in a safe space? Want to know more about the next level process details and techniques?

Schedule a free 30-minute “Wellness Tune-Up” consultation call with me to discover if this experiential program is right for you. Click on this link: 
During the consultation call, I'll help you
🌎  Get clear on what an ideal, power-packed day will look and feel like for you.
🌎  Do a deeper dive into your current wellness mindset and practices to see what's motivating and inspiring.
🌎  Explore and identify the obstacles and habits that are holding you back and see what’s working and what’s not.
🌎  Finally, we'll map out an action plan to get you on your way to achieving your goals fast.

Whether or not the RE Vitalize and Harmonize Your Health Program is right for you, you'll leave the Tune-Up session feeling clear, confident, and excited about your future. Remember, take action now, as enrollment is limited to 10 men.
To your Vitality!

P.S. If you're ready to experience increased vitality, strength, flexibility and sex drive, with improved mental clarity and focus in just five weeks, schedule this free Wellness Tune Up Session to discover if this exclusive RE Vitalize and Harmonize Your Health program is right for you.Remember, take action now, as enrollment is limited to 10 men. Click this link to schedule your free Tune-Up session:


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CHRISTO PELLANI is an evolutionary life/ health coach, certified Energy and Sound healer, Qi Gong Instructor, and Master Drummer. He facilitates seminars and retreats worldwide, providing products and services for Personal Expression, Self Growth, and Wellness. Click here to visit SOUNDFORMATION.
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