Action Alert
Senate File 2 Passes
Date February 1st, 2017 
Senate File 2 Moves to Vote
Your Voice is Needed More Than Ever

Yesterday Iowans for LIFE Director Maggie DeWitte stood shoulder to shoulder in a crowd filled with black and pink waiting to hear the fate of Senate File 2 during a Committee Meeting. A large portion of this crowd were mothers and their little ones taking a stand together to encourage our Senators to make a choice for life as they discussed this bill. As these Mothers know, all women, including low income women, deserve a health care center that offers ALL their health care needs

However, the meeting had to adjourn and began again at 4pm to allow for a full hour of discussion as Senator Zaun had promised. During this discussion Senator Janet Petersen tried to make this into an anti-women’s bill by calling out the male senators in the room but Senator Amy Sinclair did an outstanding job of bringing the argument back to the real reason for this bill. Senate File 2 will reallocate government funding from abortion providers to health care centers offering full reproductive health care needs to both men and women. The bill will not leave women unable to find quality health care and in fact will offer them more choices. Senate File 2 did pass 5 to 8 and is scheduled to be voted on this Thursday. (8 R votes/ 5 D Votes)

We need you more then ever! As I listened to each Senator speak what stood out the most was each of them had received hundreds of calls and emails about this specific bill. Which means you do make a difference. You can be the voice to get this bill through. Senate File 2 is vital to saving many lives including both women and the unborn child. We urge you to pick up the phone or get on your computer and send your support for this bill today. Planned Parenthood is on the defense that they may lose their government funding. Let's not let this go on any longer. Let your voice be heard.

If the bill is passed in the Senate on Thursday, it will then go to the House of Representatives and go through the same process on that side. It will first go to a subcommittee, then a committee and onto a full vote by the House. Once it has been passed in both chambers, it will go to the Governor for signature. These courageous Senators and Representatives are working hard for life and we need to show our support. Please take some time to send a note of thanks and be present in the subcommittee/committee meetings to show your support. IFL will continue to update you on the status of this bill as it progresses.

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