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Saturday, November 11, 2017
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Happy Veterans Day! 

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Welcome Vets

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Next Seminar
If you live on the Treasure Coast, our December seminar will be on Saturday, December 9, 2017.  The cost is still just $8 a person and there'll be coffee, tea, juice, donuts and other goodies so come a few minutes early!
The subject is:  "They Sure Look Ripe To Me" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon at Trinity United Methodist Church in Jensen Beach, FL.  (Click on the picture above to get directions, etc.) We'll be devoting a fair amount of the seminar to photos (just in time for the holidays).  You can find an outline of what else we plan to cover by visiting our seminar page which you'll find HERE.
If you haven't watched our one-minute video update regarding our new Remote Technical Support software, would you do that now?  Please click on the button below to watch the video.  Thanks.
RTS 1 Minute Video

The Holidays Are Upon Us!

Believe it or not, there are still some of us who send greetings cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other times of celebration.  Joyce and I love using SendOutCards because of how they can be personalized with pictures, website links and even our own handwriting.
Click on the picture of the cards above and send a free greeting card with our compliments.  (That's right, you can send a card at no cost to you!)
Give it a try!

Question of the Week

Question:  "At November's seminar, you talked about the Wi-Fi KRACK hack.  Is there anything new regarding the problem?"

Answer:  For those of you who were not at our seminar, here's a quick rundown on the Wi-Fi hack called KRACK:
Almost all Wi-Fi (wireless networks) use an encryption process called WPA2.  For some time, it has been the most reliable method of keeping your computing device secure while online.  This is the technology which causes you to have to put a password into your devices when you first get on a secure wireless network.
Unfortunately, a vulnerability was discovered which would allow a hacker to circumvent the encryption of WPA2 and hop onto your wireless network.  This has become known as KRACK.
There are a number of pieces of good news regarding this issue: 1) A hacker has to be within range of your wireless network (Wi-Fi) or they can't break into it; 2) The patch to close the vulnerability is an easy fix; 3) Manufacturers of routers and computer Operating Systems (OSs) are responding rapidly to the issue.
So, what's new?  Just that patches are happening rapidly and few computer Wi-Fi systems have been affected.
With this discovered vulnerability, like most others, there are important things you should be doing to keep your computing devices safe:
A)  Keep your devices OSs up-to-date.  Whether it's a Windows device, an Apple device, Android or some other, don't put off updating the OS. 
B)  Keep your anti-virus or anti-malware software current and updated, as well.  (Yes, my fine Mac users - you need anti-malware just like Windows users.)
C)  If you're going to be online in a vulnerable area (airports, popular coffee houses, etc.) use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  It will encrypt your Internet transactions so a hacker can't read them even if he or she intercepts them.  (Use the VPN we use - find it by clicking the button below.)
Questions?  Email us at info@4kcc.com.

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