Volume 11, Issue 9
September, 2018
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Let's race! You pull out your phone while your team is waiting and try to find four good drills to do. We'll pull out our CoachDeck with 52 fundamental drills that can all be made into games in a deck of cards. It won't be close. Give your coaches the easiest tool ever invented to run fun, and fundamentally sound practices.

In this issue: It's the first thing we learn: Run to first base after you hit it. But Doug Bernier shows us that there is a science that will mean more hits and runs for the team. The two most important things that should be expected of youth coaches are often not what we tell them. Brian Gotta explains. Want powerful pre-event routines to help athletes perform to their potential? Bill Cole has them for you. 

It's time to start thinking about the 2019 season. The most important thing on the list should be safety! Your league needs the SAFE Baseball/Softball Online Safety Course by SAFE Baseball. Watch this 90-second video and you'll agree! 

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Tips For Running to First Base
By Doug Bernier

Base running starts the moment you as the hitter make contact with the baseball. This article contains pro tips for successfully running to first base after you hit a ground ball through the infield, meaning more hits for you and more runs for the team.Read Article
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The Two Most Important Things
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Volunteer coaches, especially those who lacks experience, often feel confused about their duties and responsibilities. And while there are many, two stand far above the rest, both of which can be accomplished by anyone. Yet the people who run youth leagues frequently fail to recognize this and, consequently, struggle to attract and retain volunteer coaches.. Read Article
Psyching Up For Greatness
By Bill Cole

Do you ever wonder why you perform with excellence one day and can't get out of your own way the next? The answer might lie in how you prepare. To not prepare is to begin to fail, but psyching up with purpose can light the fire of greatness inside you. Read Article