Volume 12, Issue 2
February, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

We promise that winter will end, spring will begin, and we'll hear the cry of "Play Ball!" In the meantime, why not order North America's most popular coach training tool for your volunteer coaches. They'll all love a CoachDeck!

In this issue: Dave Holt returns and tells a story about a game he recently coached at the youth level. The title says it all. Brian Gotta has thoughts on a controversial Little League rule. And John Rosemond has advice for parents which may be surprising to some.

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Travesty to the Game
By Dave Holt

I thought I had seen just about just about everything when it has to do with winning-at-all-costs youth baseball. Just when you think you’ve been seen everything something else comes in and tops it.  Read Article
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Let the Kids Play
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Every year Little League posts an array of preseason messages on their Facebook page. I look at some, “like” a few, but never comment on any. Except one. For the past several seasons they’ve created a post about their rule that no adults, no coaches, can warm up a pitcher. It is always, by far, the most commented-on post. And I can’t help but join in Read Article
Out With Parenting, In With Child-Rearing
By John Rosemond

There is “parenting” and then there is bringing up, rearing, or raising children. The difference is night and day; so are the outcomes, short- and long-term, to all concerned, meaning every single one of us. Read Article