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Issue 3 Volume 11
November 2010

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Teamwork Tips
Thank Goodness for Rec Sports
Comparing Kids
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In this month's issue:
Want to know how to build a great TEAM and what it is college and pro scouts look for in players? Joey Bilotta's article is a must-read for players and coaches alike. Also, Brian Gotta writes about a rec soccer game he recently watched and how it reaffirmed his passion for recreational sports. Plus, really want to motivate your young athletes? One of the methods we all have used at one time or another may not be as effective as you think. New contributor Dean Herbert tells us why. Finally, as usual, we ask that you check out our sponsors who make OnDeck possible.

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Teamwork Tips
By Joey Bilotta

Think soccer stardom is won on technical skills alone? Think again. Beyond individual ability, scouts at international soccer schools look at how players work with their team. They don't want to sign a player who's going to disrupt harmony within the squad. They're going to research, talk to coaches and parents, and get background information about team attitude. What they want is a well-rounded soccer player, someone whose teamwork skills will fit into their system from Day One. Read Article
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Brian GottaThank Goodness for Rec Sports
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

My 13 year-old daughter plays soccer for a highly-ranked competitive team. She loves it. It is probably her favorite thing to do in the world. She and my 15 year-old son referee rec games on weekends as a part-time job. Last Saturday, I went to pick up my son from the game he was doing. I got there a little early and watched the last ten minutes. The girls were the same age as my daughter - 13U. The first thing that struck me was how different this game was from the ones I've grown accustomed to watching over the past several years. These girls were not tremendously skilled. They did not run particularly hard after loose balls and they were not very aggressive. There was little passing or development of plays; it was more kicking the ball downfield, back and forth. And after watching for a few minutes I remember thinking, "Thank goodness for rec sports." Read Article
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Does it Motivate Kids to Compare Them?Dean Herbert
by Dean Herbert

In an effort to motivate athletes, parents and coaches often think that a comparison will be a carrot that will help youth achieve great performances. A common approach to motivating youth is to compare or set up rivalries between youth - sometimes on their own team. Unfortunately the majority of the population of any age is not motivated in this way.Read Article

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