The horrific events in Pittsburgh at Tree of Life synagogue impact us all, especially Jews.  In the past several years we have spent money on securing the classrooms and the synagogue with locks and cameras and security protocols.  The front door is locked during school and only people permitted to come in do so.  As well during services and meeting the doors are locked until someone needs to be buzzed in.  

Tomorrow, October 28, Beth Miriam has asked the Long Branch Police Department to be a visible presence in front of the temple.  They will be there in the morning and will be there for the duration of school.  As well, the doors will be locked, as usual.  

Your child's security and safety is our most important priority.  

Rabbi Cy Stanway
Harry Silverman, President


From Principal Stella Stanway

Now more than ever, the faculty and the students of our religious school must be kept safe and to do that we need your help. Every family who has any children on the school should sign up for at least one Sunday morning and anyone else who has the time on a Sunday morning is also welcome to help to watch the locked front doors and let people in who belong in our community.