MGBC Weekly (and beyond) Updates
March 12, 2015


Fake news:  We find its origin in the Book of Genesis in chapter 3.

    Genesis 2:7-8 & 15-18

    Genesis 3:1-5

Be here at 10:30 for the rest of the .......

Welcome Back Mike...
 Today we welcome back Music Evangelist, Mike Facciani. 

Mike is here again with us to provide special music for our Senior Adult Revival and will stay with us through the weekend for the Strength Team events and the Unity March & Rally.

Welcome back Mike.

Be part of something great

Senior Adult Revival begins

tomorrow morning @ 10:30am

March 13, 14, & 15 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

This is our opportunity each spring to fellowship with senior adults from other churches.  We look forward to hearing pastors and senior adult choirs from various churches during this revival each year.

  Additionally, Music Evangelist,

Mike Facciani will be our special guest singer.

A free lunch will be served after each of the services in the Family Life Center.


The Strength Team will be here

Thursday & Friday, March 16 & 17:

The Strength Team athletes will be in the Myrtle Grove/Warrington area schools doing special presentations throughout day.   

Friday and Saturday evenings, March 17 & 18

The Strength Team members will hold events at Myrtle Grove Baptist Church providing not only power demonstrations but also the sharing of the gospel.   In addition, these athletes will be promoting the Unity March on Sunday and encouraging everyone to be a part of this historical event.

Unity in Our Community

March and Rally

Sunday, March 19 from 5pm – 8pm

A multicultural, interdenominational gathering of Christ’s followers lifting up the power of the gospel that brings real hope, peace, and unity to all people of our community (city, nation, and the world).

Additional copies of Unity March and Rally posters are available at the information table in the main foyer.

Special note to Senior Adults: 

Those who are unable to join us for the march may drive directly to the Escambia High School football stadium parking area.

You can come early, anytime after 5pm, park you car in their lot, and walk right into the stadium and take a seat.  All the marchers will join us at 6pm for the rally. 

Thank You....


Today as you enter into the worship center you may have noticed a number of men and women wearing Greeter’s badges, shaking hands with our members and guests as they enter into our building. 

Our new Greeter’s ministry begins today and we are so thankful for everyone who has a part of this ministry which will certainly give a first good impression to first time visitors

.  It will also provide direction and information to everyone who enters through our doors.  THANK YOU volunteers for giving to the Lord

  Pastor Ron

Upcoming Events:
Ladies' Zuba
Ladies’ Zumba has started back for 3 months only (March, April & May).  It will be on Mondays from 6-7pm in the gymnasium.

Sound & Spirit
a gospel group who have performed at Keenagers several times, will present a program of sacred music on Sunday, March 26 at 6pm.

 Caregiver Support Group

The March Caregiver Support Group will be on Thursday, March 30th at 9:00 a.m.  Sharyon Miller from Homecare Solutions will be our speaker.  The  topic will be “Fall Prevention.”


Tuesday, April 4 @ 10am in Fellowship Hall

Program:  Mr. Bill Braddock, WW-II Veteran

Menu:  Chet’s seafood

Cost:  $12

Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday, April 15 - 10am - 12pm

Family Life Center

Please bring your donations of wrapped candy to the office.

Note about sending prayer requests via email from this page or from the website (or email's Pastor Ron)
Emails sent to the email link: are opened exclusively by a minister of MGBC.

Email sent to Pastor Ron is opened and previewed by a member of the support staff. 

This has long been the method via our email and web system.

Having said that there should never be any information of a personal or sensitive nature sent to any email address unless it is encrypted. This includes identify information such as drives license, social security numbers or any item that should be kept private or secure. 

There have not been any problems - make that clear but sometimes a reminder is in order.
If you have a young person leave the sanctuary or other place of worship / study on the campus please go with them.  thank you.
While we are at it...
Lock your car

        Pick your "stuff" in the trunck

                     Park in the light

                               Try to walk in pairs.
Everyone knows to turn the clocks Saturday night and replace batteries in the smoke detector and there is no need to add this note to the announcements - but if we don't someone will fuss ... so here it is.



1.  Question:         Where should our senior adults, who cannot participate in the march, park their cars for the rally event?

Answer: Tell the senior adults of your church that they may drive and park their cars in the parking area at Escambia High School adjacent to the football stadium.  They may arrive any time between 5:00pm and 5:45pm and take a seat in the stadium before the rally begins. 

2.  Question:         Who will provide security and safety for those marching along Lillian Highway to the stadium? 

Answer: Deputies from the sheriff’s department who believe in what we are doing will be here in full force to provide safety.  (Patrol cars will be in place to slow the traffic down along with officers who will assist marchers in crossing from the easement area on the south side of the highway over to the parking lot entrance leading to the stadium.)

3.  Question:         Where will the pastors and singing groups be seated during the rally event? 

Answer: We will provide seating for all those participating in the program on the field next to the stage area.  This will include Strength Team members, special guests such as school officials, pastors, JROTC flag bearers, as well as singing groups from the different churches.  All others will be seated in the stadium bleachers on the Escambia High side of the stadium. 

4.  Question:         Where should those participating in the march park their cars?

Answer: Parking will be available at the Myrtle Grove Methodist Church as well as a huge parking area across the street from the Methodist Church.  (This is the area located next to the YMCA.)  In addition to that, marchers may also park at the Myrtle Grove Baptist Church parking area (two blocks away). 

Youth Event on Sunday

5.  Question:         What will take place for the special gathering for all the middle/high school students on Sunday, March 19 at 4:00pm?  (This event takes place at the Myrtle Grove Methodist Church sanctuary just prior to the march.)

Answer: We encourage all pastors to instruct their youth leaders to get their students to the Methodist Church for this exciting pep rally event.  There will be a demonstration by the Strength Team members followed by brief motivational testimonies encouraging students to march for Jesus.  At 5:00pm the students will follow Strength Team members out the door to take their place in the procession.    

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