2017 is nearly 1/2 way over and things are looking up!  At VAC, we have seen a steady increase in sales over the first 2 quarters of this year, and we owe that increase to our incredible customers all over the country!!  Keep up the good work!!  
Valve Accessories & Controls is excited to announce that we will be displaying our entire product line at the Valve World show again this year at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX on June 20th & 21st.  Stop by and see us at BOOTH #801

Congratulations to our May Training Class Graduates!!

A special thanks to the attendees of our training class in May.  The guys pictured below are from left to right:  Josh Vibert with Advanced Valve, Chris Eslinger with Process Supply, Keith Trent with Process Supply, Barry Sutphin with Plastomatic, JD Wilson with Wolseley and Matt Clark with Ecco Gregory. We do have openings for our October 11th and 12th class.  If you are interested in attending or sending someone from your company please call us at (205)678-0507or email Tammie Hughes, these spots will not last long!!! 
Coalescing vs. Particle Filters

                VAC recommends the use of a filter or filter regulator with the installation of any positioner regardless if it is a pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, or digital positioner.  VAC offers both filters and filter regulators that offer both coalescing and particulate filtration.  When selecting a filter for positioners it is important to select a unit that is both coalescing and particulate filtering.
                Coalescing filters are designed to remove moisture from air systems.  Coalescing filters have the ability to remove oil vapor which could be from compressor lube oils, condensed moisture, pipe joint compound residue, etc.  The coalescing filters remove both water and oil from the system by collecting minute amounts of moisture until a droplet forms and allows the moisture to drop out of suspension from the air stream.  Coalescing filters also have the ability to filter out particulate but the main focus is to remove moisture.  The life of a coalescing filter is usually determined by the amount of solid particles that are caught by the element as they are permanently trapped in the element and will cause the element to “blind” causing a high pressure drop and decreased flow through the filter.
                Particulate filters are designed to remove debris made of solid particles from the air stream.  The size of the particle that can be removed from the air is dependent on the grade of the filter element.  Where a coalescing filter will filter out particulate at a rated grade the same cannot be said of a coalescing filter removing moisture.  Often times when a particulate filter is used in a system with a great deal of moisture present the filter element becomes “blinded” or unable to pass the air through it.  
                Selecting and installing a coalescing filter or filter regulator is a simple step to ensure that your valve positioner has clean/dry air to operate with.

Our VAC website has a section called Technical Quick Help.  Please take a look and always if there is any issue to call anyone at VAC, (205)678-0507. The worst problem that we have are the problems we do not hear about.  
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Tammie Hughes
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