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A Spirituality of Stewardship

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am looking forward to our time together in worship these next three Sunday mornings, June 10, 17, and 24, as we explore the meaning of a spirituality of stewardship through the powerful, shaping words of the Lord’s Prayer. To paraphrase words of another writer: To get at the spiritual root of something is to go back to its original reality — in this case, to discover the essence of stewardship. Christian spirituality has real meaning in our lives and the lives of others because we connect to the source of that meaning, Jesus Christ and his church. The spirituality of stewardship seeks to integrate the truths of our faith into our daily lives. Because of this, stewardship as a response of a Christian disciple is a way of living, not a program. This daily living reality circles back ultimately to the Scriptures and living daily the realities offered to us as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For these next three Sundays, my hope is to communicate the prayer the Lord Jesus taught as “A Radical Prayer for Kingdom Come” (June 10), to reflect upon its call for “A Stewardship of Forgiveness” (June 17), and to explore more deeply our cultures great obsession and necessary vocation regarding, “Money and the Meaning of Life” (July 24).

This Sunday, June 10, also, Kes Townsend, the chairperson of our Stewardship Team, will offer insights and encouragements regarding the membership’s consideration of the new budget for ministry and mission for 2018-2019, which will take place at the Congregational Meeting on June 24. Join us as we seek to take this opportunity to hear anew what the Spirit is saying about the essence of stewardship as disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Grace and peace,

Bob Guffey

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Being a part of a community means that we share in one another's joys and pray for one another in times of need. 

If there is a specific way we can pray for you or someone is missing from this list (with their permission), please let us know.  You can do so by writing or calling the Church Office.
 Please let us know whether your prayer request is private (for the ministerial staff and prayer team), for the Deacons, or for the congregation.
Dear FSBC Family,
You are very special!  While I was a shut-in, you blessed me with your cheerful notes, cards, phone calls and visits.  You delighted me with delicious  food, beautiful flowers and precious gifts.   While  still searching for words to adequately express my love and appreciation,  please know that you have a very special place in my heart.
Doris Whitson

Congregational Meeting
& Potluck

June 24th
Immediately following Worship
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At the June Congregational Meeting, the church council will be asking members to consider and vote to approve the following three items:

1. The proposed ministry budget for the fiscal year, July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019
2. Jean Johnston as Assistant Treasurer
3. The proposed wording change within the Organizational Structure Document
(see below)

Original wording:  The council meets as often as needed but at least quarterly, and meetings are open to members unless otherwise designated.  The church council will select the director or co-directors of the council each year from within the council members.  The council seeks to come to consensus.  Meeting of the church council are open to members, unless designated as a closed session to discuss personnel issues.

Proposed replacement wording:  The council meets as often as needed but at least quarterly and meetings are open to members unless otherwise designated as a closed session to discuss personnel issues.  The church council will select the directors or co-directors of the council each year from within the council members.  The council seeks to come to consensus.
Bank Street Exploratory Team

During the Monday's Church Council meeting, the following team was approved:  Evan Van Leeuwen Jr., Kenneth Scott, Jodi Litten Townsend, Michele Weigle, Deborah Antony, Will King, Paul Winslow, Herb Johnston, Kay Stovall, Gene Beale, Breck Daughtrey, Manny Perry, and Dottie Locklear.   The following staff will be staff ex-officio representatives of the group and will be able to propose motions and debate, but will not have any voting authority:  Bob Guffey, Bob Shoup and Stephanie Van Leeuwen.

The team will make monthly reports to the congregation through the Church Council on their work to discern the best options for the Bank Street Property. The Church Council voted to have the team designate their team leader at the first meeting.
Clothes Needed

 The change in weather means that many of our homeless friends need a change of clothes to stay cool in the warmer temperatures.  We are in need of hangers, t-shirts, and shorts. You can bring them in at any time and place them in the Fellowship Hall or hang them on Stephanie's door. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jodi Litten Townsend or Stephanie
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Summer Dinner & Movie Night

June 13th
Dinner at 6:00 pm
Movie at 6:30 pm

Please RSVP
(online, bulletin board,
or contact Stephanie)

A separate movie will be available for children.
Coffee Hour
When it's your birthday month, it's your turn to help by bringing in refreshments for coffee hour and helping set up and clean up. Thank you so much to all of our hosts and coordinators who provide for this mission each Sunday morning.

June 10th:  December Birthdays

Children's Volunteers
We appreciate all of our volunteers, but especially those that help out in our children's area.  Because of their help, our parents and guardians are able to attend Sunday School and Worship services.  If you are willing to help serve in this way, please let us know!
 A background check is necessary.​​​​​​​

Worship: Michele Weigle
Serving in Worship
Offering Team
Deborah Antony
Jaime King
Kim Winslow
Paul Winslow
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