Republican Governor Chris Christie is not allowed to run for another term.

Political insider John Wisniewski wants his job, but he already let Christie get away with his criminal Bridgegate antics, being absent from the state for most of two years while he ran for president & wrecking NJ's credit rating. 

Meanwhile, Phil Murphy is a Wall Street billionaire trying to buy himself the Democratic nomination for governor (as if we could trust one of the greedy rich who caused the wealth inequality & debt problems to solve them)! 

We need a Democratic candidate for governor who is one of us and will oppose the re-election of lawmakers who caved in to Christie!

Only one of us will stop political corruption, so we can finally reverse climate change, end the ‘war on drugs’ and provide a quality education to every child.

Our NJ Revolution is not interested in playing politics, because replacing the Republican Governor with a crooked political insider or Wall Street billionaire is not change -- it's more of the same. Sign up now to pledge support for Our NJ Revolution and fight back against political insiders and Wall Street billionaires.