Scampers Weekly Recap - July 31, 2020
Dear --FNAME--
What a gorgeous week! We're enjoying our summer weather, and so are your pooches. If it gets a bit over-warm, we deploy the pools and sprinklers. In Kirkland, we bring the pooches indoors, as our side yard is particularly exposed to the western sun.

Meanwhile, we're working hard at rebuilding our roster. We're missing our teachers, and all of you who work from home. We hope you remember to bring your pooches in for some social time once in a while. 

And don't forget our August Send-A-Friend campaign!
AnchorAugust is Send-A-Friend Month
We're on a mission, folks. We are sharing our passion for small business by creating a new FB page and content to help support them. We know, firsthand, that all businesses are faced with untold challenges due to coronavirus. We invite you to join us in our mission. Read on...
Working from home? Get out!
Seriously, put on your mask, grab your hand sanitizer and get out! And, spend some money!
Spend with local merchants, retailers and service providers. Do it now. Put on your cape and be a Main Street Hero. Save those local businesses who are trying to survive this pandemic and still be there for you in 6 months, because without YOU, they will not survive.
Wait in your homes for too long and you can count on losing at least one of every two storefronts in your local downtown area.
Imagine a slow drive down your Main Street. Now imagine it without HALF of the businesses you see. Because, most small businesses are staring down the barrel of forever closure. I, personally, cannot imagine my downtown area with just McDonald’s and Walmarts and a bunch of For Lease signs! Yuck.
If you value your downtown area, the only way to be sure those areas look the same in 6 months is if you get out and spend some money. Order food and pick it up. No delivery services. Whenever possible, spend with local or regional ownership. Amazon doesn’t need you, but your neighbors do! Get creative, get smart and shop small, every day.
Lots of businesses have re-opened -- with safety measures in place -- and they need you so badly, but can’t say so. It sounds too negative, so they wait and hope. They are thinking creatively to attract you.
Think about it, no business can survive on 25% of normal revenues, not even 50% of revenues will do it. They’ve been losing for months already, so there is no time to waste!
Seriously think about who you want to keep around and go there, today, and spend as much as you can afford. And, by the way, tip. Heavily. The folks out there wearing masks all day to serve you deserve it.
So, remember, YOU, all of you reading this, need to be Main Street Heroes. Without you, your towns will dry up in ways that are barely conceivable today!
So, get out! Right now! Share your good fortune, if you have the stability to do so. Seriously!
Instagram: #Main_Street_Heroes
Twitter: @HeroesMain
email with your ideas:
Please amplify this message, visit our page and consider
becoming a Main Street Hero, wherever your Main Street is.
We ALL have a role to play, if we're able!
Please share, share, share! Thanks!
It's that time again, folks.

We've created a new album on our Facebook page, and loaded it up with pics of your pooches taken by our wranglers during the month of July.

To vote for your favorites, open the photos and click on "Like".

The photo with the most "Likes" will grace our lobbies for the month of August.

July Pooch of the Month,
For some reason, July seems to be a month when a lot of campers' vaccinations need to be renewed.

Please make sure your beloveds are well protected against Bordetella, Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza,and for any pooch over the age of 6 months, Rabies.

Also, please remember to ask your veterinarian to forward updated vaccination information our way so we can update your dogs' records in Gingr. That's not one of the things you're able to update for yourself in Gingr, although you can upload the vaccination document - just let us know if you do upload documents, because we don't see those!

Don't forget to make your reservations! You could set them up yourselves in Gingr, or you could email us at
for Bellevue pooches and
for Kirkland pooches, or you could just pick up the phone! We're happy to talk to you too! 
Also, if you haven't already done so, please go into your Gingr account and put your credit card on file so your transactions can be contactless.
Every once in a while we come across dog-oriented humor.

This one is today's:
Happy Friday!

We thank Henry Corgi's mom
for submitting this pic
Watch for the updates of our framed Friday Funny in our reception area.

We'll also make sure they're posted on our Facebook page so you can share them with your friends.
We're a pretty close knit group of pooches - we form strong friendships, and we get to know each other very well.

When new pooches join us, we love to introduce them around and get them started in their Scampering adventures - that's why they call us the "Welcome Waggin".
We get to meet lots of youngsters who are just learning how to be social with other pooches who aren't their litter mates, and we also get to meet adult pooches and seniors who will help the puppies learn good social skills. 

We love meeting new friends and showing them all our favorite games. This week, we've welcomed 4 newbies to Scampers, and we're delighted to meet them!

Our wranglers love sharing their photos of your pooches. This week, we got a lot of great pics of particularly smiley pooches

Cosmo G
Churro and Henry
Blue and Fitz


getting head scritches!



Party Time at Bellevue
Did you know that Scampers is on Instagram?
Search and Tag #scampersdogs and join in the fun.
Chris Sugarbaker, mobile groomer extraordinaire, has been serving our clients since we opened in 2010.

Chris will be in Kirkland on Tuesday, August 11th and again on Tuesday, August 25th. Chris will be in Bellevue on Monday, August 3rd and then again on Monday, August 17th.

If you'd like your pooch to have some primping time with Chris, please give us a call, or let us know when you visit us. Get your reservations in early - his schedule books up quickly.
A little note about nails...Anchor
For your pooches, a broken nail is actually a significant injury - it's very painful, and there's the inherent potential for infection.

Nails that have grown too long are especially vulnerable to catching on our crates and fencing; so, to save your pooches the pain, and yourselves the pain of the vet bills, please make it a point to keep their nails safely trimmed.

BTW: One of the best things about groomers - they know how to keep dogs' nails nice and trim and safe from accidental breakage. Let us know if you want to take advantage of Chris' time to get a mani-pedi for your pooch.
Every once in a while we receive a photo from one of our customers showing us what their beloveds are doing after their day at Scampers. Click here to send your pics in via email.
We have a lot of young families introducing their furbabies to their new human babies - we love sharing those pictures with our newsletter audience!

Big boy Abel hopes Eden will share her Cheerios with him one day soon.

Loki takes pride in
looking after Milani.
We are always looking for pics of Scampers campers with their human babies.
Apparently, young English Setter Leica is getting lots of exercise when she comes to Scampers. Here's what she looks like at home.

Tired Snickerdoodle

George H
very tired,
very contented

Henry M
just needed a place
to rest his head

Hamish apparently had a
great first day back

Morty was worn out
after his day of
Scampering about

Birdie loves her ball...
very much

Ally's been out for hours,
As the story goes.
We have also received some great shots documenting "The Real Reason" you bring your furkids to Scampers.

Oh, yummm!
Newton chewed up the
Christmas decorations!

Luna Beaux says
Yummm, that sure looks good!
We have also received some great shots of Scampers campers enjoying their "off-time".

Piper's Birthday Party - Athena and Piper are such good girls! They sit so nicely with all that wonderful stuff!!

Buddy V relaxes on his deck
Above right and below: Agnes and Hazel when they were babies.
You already know who's who! And weren't they just adorable!
Please be aware that we'll be observing these careful social distancing and safety procedures:

We are now a contactless facility, so
  • You'll be signing your dogs in upon arrival, to ensure we keep track of everyone on site
  • We'll be wiping your dogs down with waterless shampoo at entry and exit
  • You'll be keeping your leashes in your possession
  • We require all visits to be prepaid.
  • You can put your credit card on file (it's encrypted) in your Gingr file

We are limiting human access to the interior areas of our facilities to staff only.
  • Only one client in our vestibule at a time.
  • Masks will be required for all people on site. (We have some on hand if you forget.)
  • Hand sanitizer is available at our entrances.

Please observe the 6 foot distance when dropping off and picking up your pooches - both for social distancing, and the excitement of dogs on leash, who may strike out at nearby dogs and people out of excitement. Leash aggression is very common in normal times, and these times are not normal!

We're working hard to make sure we are all as safe as possible.
A couple of reminders:
Please give em a quick stroll before you bring your pooches in
Remember, arriving at daycare is extra-stimulating, and every so often we have had pooches empty out in our reception area because they just can't contain themselves any longer!

Especially if you're bringing your pooch into Scampers after a long car ride, please give them a quick toodle around the bushes or pillars before bringing them inside.

We have garbage cans available for your use, and if you need a poop bag, just pop in and ask for one - we have plenty!
Safety Reminders:
Dogs on Leashes, Pretty Please!
Some dogs jump up on people to greet them, whether the jumpees want to be greeted or not. Others feel the need to protect their owners. Some are just too darned excited to contain themselves and bolt, sometimes in some very surprising directions.

There are so many things that could go awry, and we worry.

For safety's sake, please be sure to have your dogs on leashes and well under control while moving them between your car and our reception area.

If you need to borrow a leash, we always have a loaner leash available in our reception area.
A reminder about collars...Anchor
We're hosting almost 100 dogs at each of our locations these days. To say this can get a little hairy at times is an understatement!

For safer play, not to mention quicker and more secure entries and exits, we recommend all dogs come to daycare wearing quick-release collars like the one pictured, and, for the sake of quick identification, equipped with a nametag. (See below.)

Note that, for those dogs whose collars come with extras like prongs, electronic devices, rhinestones, spikes, etc., which would not be safe in the play zone, we must remove those collars; we dress them instead with a loaner collar for the day, but that means they're not wearing those all-important nametags.
We are hosting a lot of pooches these days, and, believe it or not, we have an awful lot of Look-Alikes! Of course, it's always a good idea to have your furbabies clearly identified, just in case of the unthinkable, but every once in a while our wranglers would so appreciate just a bit of help identifying which one is which, just every once in a while.

Hello, My Name Is...
We know how much you love your furbabies - that's why you bring them to Scampers, after all. But please remember that very few dogs require more than two meals per day - in fact, for many, one meal per day is enough.

We happily provide meal service for very young puppies who actually do need a mid-day meal to support their growing bodies and for dogs whose veterinarians prescribe a mid-day meal, e.g., dogs on certain medications or who have metabolic, gastric, or intestinal conditions; however, most of your pooches really don't need lunch, honest! They'd much rather play with their friends.

Why Scampers Boarding Morning Check In Time Matters
One of the reasons that Scampers boarding facilities works well for most of our overnight guests is that they are good and tired after a day of playing, or even just roving and sniffing - that does tire them out, really.

Arriving at Scampers is very, very stimulating for your pooches, even after a busy day of adventuring elsewhere, and it takes several hours of busy socializing for the in-comers to settle down. And one hyper-stimulated pooch means a whole houseful of stimulated pooches, so when there's a late-comer, nobody gets a quiet night or a good night's sleep.

That's why all boarders should be checked in before noon. (As always, exceptions can be made in case of an emergency, but we may have to keep the late-comer segregated from the group until they've settled down.)

A gentle reminder that Scampers daycare hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and our weekend and holiday daycare hours are based on full-day attendance (no half days), and by appointment only, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please note that there is a late pickup fee for dogs picked up after 7:15 pm. Dogs left later than 8 pm will be boarded at our standard rate.
In the case of an emergency, we are able to make the accommodation for extended stay. Please call us, though, to advise.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes 
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