July 6, 2018

We are you!

Beth Miriam is a Reform synagogue and is a temple brimming with tradition as well as creativity. Our mission is to create a holy space for everyone who comes into our Mishkan – the place where God dwells.

This is a place where we invite you to pray, sing, to be intellectually and spiritually stimulated, learn and be engaged with the community and with Israel.
Ours is a place of joy and support and sharing.

We are an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome.

Summer services are especially warm and comfortable.  Praying in our magnificent backyard as the sun begins to set is conducive to a Shabbat worship experience.  Those services are at 6:30 and last about an hour giving you the evening to celebrate Shabbat in your own unique way.  Everyone is welcome and you are invited to dress as casually as you wish.  This is just one of the ways that Beth Miriam is more than a temple: it is place where your soul and body can worship, learn, teach, sing and just be.

Please, reach out.  We promise to reach back.
This Week's Torah Portion: Pinchas
Parashat HaShavuah
  • Pinchas is rewarded for punishing the Israelite and the Midianite woman who cursed God. (Numbers 25:10–15)

  • Israel fights a war against the Midianites. (Numbers 25:16-18)
  • A second census is taken. (Numbers 26:1–65)
  • The daughters of Zelophehad force a change in the laws of property inheritance. (Numbers 27:1–11)

  • Joshua is chosen to be Moses' successor. (Numbers 27:15–23)

  • The sacrificial ritual for all festival occasions is described in detail. (Numbers 28:1–30:1)
Shabbat Around the World Beach Service

The Beach Service and Community Shabbat dinner returns.  Join us for this fantastic event.
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Upcoming Events and Announcements
Mark Your Calendars for a uniqe Selichot

The Days of Awe may be some time away but mark you calendars for  a new kind of Selichot experience
Game Night

The Sisterhood is having a game night which will be filled with laughs, friendship and fun
Sisterhood Escape the Puzzle Evening

The Sisterhood is having an Escape the Puzzle event.  Participation is limited so sign up today.
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Shabbat Services
Southern Fried Shabbat

Prenegs this Summer
Everyone welcome

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Help us get ready for the Days of Awe
The Days of Awe are on their way and we are beginning to get ready.  

You can keep up with all the Days of Awe news at Beth Miriam at the temple website page for the Days of Awe.

Have you checked the Yiskor book and the passings page?  If you lost someone this year, please be sure to put them on the passings page so their name can read during Yiskor.  Use this link to go to the page and check out the book and the names list.
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