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As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, Tina Turner’s song What’s Love Got To Do With It? has been playing in the back of my mind. It’s been happening so often that I finally decided to take the question seriously. 


So, what does love have to do with recovery? A lot, if you insert one small word.


Self-love has everything to do with recovery. How do we learn how to love ourselves? Click here to learn how to navigate this critical part of the journey.


Lots of love to all of you this Valentine’s Day,


Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS

Founder & Director

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Meet Next Step Intern Alex Mandikos

This month, get to know one of the Next Step staff members. Alex shares his recovery story, some advice for recovering addicts and their families, and some little-known facts about himself. Read about him here.


Next Step Adds Equine Therapy to Lineup of Available Services

Martial Arts for Recovery

Next Step Recovery is excited to announce the addition of Equine Therapy to our array of services! Once a week our IOP group heads out to Harmony Through Horses (HTH) in Fairview to find out what the horses have to teach them this week. With the guidance of Clinical Addictions Specialist and Social Worker Andrea Burgess from HTH and our own seasoned Equine Therapist Margie Allison, the guys get to experience the magic of walking the 12 Steps with horses as companions on their journey. Utilizing the format of "a step a 

week," and drawing from models such as Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning, and Parelli Natural Horsemanship, a unique curriculum is offered to provide a fresh perspective on the steps, and on each resident's personal recovery journey.

"Horses reflect back to us exactly how we are doing, and are unequaled for teaching us about both relationships and self regulation," says Ms. Burgess, who has been involved with using horses as partners in therapy since 2001. Ms Allison has been providing equine therapy in various settings since 2010 and after the first session she marveled, "It's the presence of horses and their way of leading us to our own answers that always amazes me". One of the residents said, “I saw right away that I was powerless over this 1000 lb horse just like I am with drugs”.

The partnership between Next Step Recovery and Harmony Through Horses is off to a great start and we look forward to many more transformational weeks with the horses!