Volume 11, Issue 5
May, 2018
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Time to plan for those all-important fall seasons. Appreciation gift for volunteer recreational coaches? Check!. Handy, portable training aide with lots of drills and games that can be done on the fly? Check! Giving your coaches a CoachDeck checks all the boxes!

In this issue:
Do you have kids playing soccer? Do you coach? Give your players a few great tips on improving their confidence courtesy of Dan Abrahams. Brian Gotta tackles the most daunting issue facing youth sports with his first installment in a multi-part series. And Craig Sigl continues his brilliant piece on coach communication. Great tools you can use!

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3 Simple Steps to Soccer Confidence
By Dan Abrahams

“Confidence takes constant nurturing. Like a bed, it must be remade everyday.” So says the great soccer player Mia Hamm. I think she’s right. Confidence is an every day thing. It’s an every week and an every month thing. Read Article
​​​​​​​Who is to Blame For the Decline in Youth Sports?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In September of last year the Washington Post printed an article that should send shock waves through the youth sports community. In the past decade youth sports participation in “the big four”, baseball, football, soccer and basketball has fallen to under 37% of school age children. Why is this happening and is there anything we can do to reverse this trend?  Read Article
Coach Communication (Part 5)
By Craig Sigl

I am forever asked questions that are along the lines of this pattern: “Craig, what can I do when (bad thing) happens?”
It is so much more efficient (and I’m an efficiency fanatic) to ask the question: “Craig, how can I stop (bad thing) from happening?”​​​​​​​
 Read Article​