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Issue 2 Volume 11 November 2009
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Be a Complete Hitter
A Time to Be Thankful
Ensuring Young Athletes Don't Quit
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Hello from CoachDeck!
We are proud to announce our winner for the 2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award...

Donna Miller of Stroud Soccer Association in Stroud, Oklahoma!
Donna was selected by CoachDeck employees for her outstanding service in the community. You can read all about Donna's accomplishments here.

Donna will be receiving a prize package from sponsors such as Cleatskins, Crown Awards, Sports Sensors and others. Hats off to our runners up, Arthur Pimenta of Taunton East Little League, Kevin Carey of Mason Youth Baseball and Joe Stapp of Mammonth AYSO. Thank you for all of your submissions. It was a pleasure hearing about the many fantastic volunteers making a difference.
We at CoachDeck have much to be thankful for, mostly because of you! Let this be our turn to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
Best wishes,
More Than ERA 
Improve Your Pitchers' Performances!
Already tracking pitches? Turn that data into meaningful information. Using More than ERA™ to evaluate your pitchers performance will give you valuable information that you can use to work with them on the performance aspects of playing baseball. Helps you to help them in developing a better mental approach, spot game situations where they need to improve and have a game plan when they go to the mound.  Learn More
 How to be a Complete Hitter - Part 3 - Mental Preparation Eugene Bleeker
by Eugene Bleecker, Owner and President of Pro Grip, Inc. 
Mental preparation plays a huge role in success and failure at the plate.  There are a few different techniques that can be used to mentally prepare for at-bats and they are used in different situations. Mental preparation is important to incorporate into your game because it can be used in every at-bat to make you a more successful hitter. Read Article
Sports Dashboards
Save Your League Time and Money the Easy Way!
You'll be your league's hero when you make the easy switch to Sports Dashboards. Coaches, parents and even players will love it. Up and running in 15 minutes and best of all, it saves you money! Learn More
Pitchers Nightmare
The Pitcher's Nightmare!  
The power of the Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer is based on resistance training. The sports science involved in pulling or pushing against resistance and then having that resistance alleviated is unquestionable in creating power and strength. Or in the case of the Pitcher's Nightmare Swing Trainer, more bat speed! Learn More

 Brian GottaA Time to Be Thankful 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We received nominations for our 2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award from all over the country, and what we read reinforced what we already knew: That there are thousands of volunteers out there who give of themselves selflessly so that our communities are better places to live. We would like to give our thanks to some of those heroes by highlighting a few selections from the nominations we received: Read Article
Youth Baseball Fundraiser
Leagues Raising Funds with Help from Easton, Rawlings, Topps and Majestic! 
Our company will create your own online Fundraiser Store that enables you to sell baseball apparel, gear, cards and collectibles from some of the top companies like Majestic, Rawlings, Easton, Topps and others...with up to 35% going back to your league. We handle all the orders, fulfillment and customer service, so all you have to do is promote your store. Learn More
 Ensuring Young Athletes Don't Drop out of Sports
Dr. CohnBy Lisa Cohn and Dr. Patrick Cohn
Did you know that 75% of all young athletes drop out of sports by the time they are 13? They drop out because taking part in youth sports is no longer enjoyable for them. Read Article
The Ultimate Cooperstown Experience! 
Welcome to America's first and only baseball facility designed for the whole family. And it's the new home of Youth Travel Baseball for children 12 and under, located in baseball country on the outskirts of Cooperstown, NY. Come and experience playing teams from all over the world. It's The Ultimate Cooperstown World Series. Learn More