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Hours are 8-6 Today
Tomorrow, on June 14th, Hours change to 8-7 Every Day
Looking Back on 175 years of
Family Farming on Nantucket
The Cover of the June 1986 issue of
BPI News (Bedding Plants International)
featured Phil and Dorothy in their
brand new Dutch glass greenhouse!
You Scream, I Scream!
It's Finally time for Ice Cream!
Our Ice Cream Truck fires up tomorrow for the season! Early summer hours will be everyday from noon until 7 PM. Come see what's new!
Fresh from the Fields...and Greenhouses
Update from Andrew...What's Fresh?
From the Hydro House:
mesclun mix, head lettuce, basil, bok choy
greens mix, baby kale, chives, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, arugula by the weekend.
cilantro, dill, parsley
green hot house tomatoes
red tomatoes - still intermittent, but will be
steady by next week
Zucchini - about 1 week
Head Lettuce from the field: this Friday
Strawberries: Possibly Monday
Gourmet Groceries and more!
Gioia Mozzarella- Island local, Elisabetta Hitchcock, is back at it for her 5th year, hand-crafting the most decadent, springy, delicious Mozzarella and Burrata right here on island. Her mozzarella can be found on the menus of many of our island's restaurants, but only a lucky handful of markets carry her Mozz for retail. Here at Bartlett's, we have a constant, fresh supply of her pillow-y soft, hand-stretched curds. 
Around here, a farm tomato and a ball of Burrata with a swoosh of olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt and pepper constitutes a perfectly sensible dinner.
Lilly's Fresh Pasta is made with love in Everett, Mass by the D'Alelio family since 1986. Using only high quality semolina flour & eggs in the fresh pasta & only whole ingredients and no fillers in the ravioli.  Bartlett's market is now packing the fresh pasta into half pound servings (perfect for two!) for retail, and love how convenient and easy it is to prepare something delicious with 5 ingredients or less
Find them in the cheese aisle!

 A simple solution for dinner after a long day at work, in the garden or on the beach!  Some of our favorite ideas are below. 
What will you create?
Taglietelle, asparagus, lemon, feta, parmesan
Trombette, baby kale, mushrooms, feta, lemon
Trombette, red & yellow pepper strips, lemon, feta, asparagus
Linguine, chicken sausage, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, fresh parsley
Linguine, fresh tomatoes, burrata, fresh basil
Lobster Ravioli, lemon zest, fresh parsley, shaved parmesan
Spice it up! 
Bartlett's is your source for adding some
zip to your food!
Whether you grill, bake, or broil, we have plenty of rubs for meats and seafood, a selection of Sarah's Sea Salt Blends, copious curry spices and a range of international foods.   
From the Garden Center

Select perennials 40% off
Seeds 50% off
Spring Bulbs 50% off (it's not too late to plant!)
From the Kitchen
Having guests? Or just want to enjoy the taste of summer?
Our Lobster Dinners are fabulous and start at $32.99
Call ahead or order in person at the deli counter.
Bring the kids... & find Ben and Jerry!
Those darned oxen! Every time some child finds them, they go off and hide again!  They could be anywhere where customers are allowed to the garden center, in a cooler, on a shelf, up high, down low, who knows!  So if your child finds one of them, bring that rascal bovine up to the customer service desk and get your reward!  

Father's Day is Sunday
John Bartlett models our new denim, red-suspendered apron
(wouldn't that look great on YOUR dad too?)
as he picks out some delicious meats to put on the grill! 
How about a nice selection of grilling and kitchen implements for Dad?
Is Dad a beer lover? Maybe more of a wine connoisseur? How about a sampler of craft New England IPAs? Is your Dad a traditionalist?  We have all the usual suspects, from Stella, PBR and Heineken. BBQ red wines by the handful! Bold, beautiful Cabernets to pair with steaks on the grill! Supple french burgundy for the francophile in the family. 
Free Farm Tours
Free farm tours will take you behind the scenes to where the magic happens.  See the tomato houses, learn about our organic growing operation, and be amazed at all the things that happen in the greenhouses to bring products to the market. 
2018 Tour Dates
June 14
June 19
June 21
June 26
June 28
Meet at the front of the market a few minutes before 9 AM!
Flower Cutting Tours
Spend an hour out in the flower fields, picking flowers, taking photos, and enjoying the beauty that the farm offers. We provide clippers and direction, you cut bouquets to suit your style. Reservations are required.
July 2, August 3, August 9, August 16, August 24
No refunds will be given unless there is active lightening and thunder at 9 am on the day of the tour. 
Produce Trucks Begin Soon!
Our first produce truck of the season will arrive on
Main Street at 9 am on June 22!
Hours will be 9-1 Monday through Saturday
The 'Sconset Truck will start on June 29
Whether you are the hostess or the guest, our gift baskets say 'Welcome' or 'Thank You'
Choose the Snack Attack Basket and Tour of New England basket for island delivery, and the
bAck To Bartlett's basket to ship anywhere in the US!
Save The Dates
6/23 Proven Winners representative Malia Michaud will be on hand in the garden center to answer questions, help you choose plants, and demonstrate planting window boxes. Time TBA

6/27 19th Annual Blooming Bids Supporting Kids
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 5:30-7:30pm
Bartlett's Farm Garden Center

7/6-7/8 Nantucket Yoga Festival. Under the tent at the farm.

7/17-7/19 10th Annual Nantucket Garden Festival to support the Nantucket Lighthouse School Various locations around the island.

7/19-7/22 Small Friends Event Under the Tent: At the farm
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