Save the Date: May 20, 2016, 7pm

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Since Round 1 in December, our Fox Lane Greenlight Award finalists have been working to bring their big green ideas to life. At the final round on May 20th they will present the results of their climate action projects and compete for the Greenlight Award. Mark your calendar, and bring your friends to this exciting show to see how far they have come!

High School Finalists
School Composting - Senior Jessica Smith is piloting a composting program at Pound Ridge Elementary School to reduce waste.

Energy Efficient Lighting- Seniors, Maya Koneval, Jesse Hoogland, and Sajay Srivastava, are researching and developing recommendations to improve energy efficiency at FLHS.

Making EBT Available for Use at a Local Farmers Market - Sophomores  Michelle Paolicelli and Kathryn Tortorella,  are setting up a pilot program at local Farmer’s Market to increase local food availability to all.

Waste Disposal Labeling in Schools - George Quinn, grade 9, is implementing a labeling program in BCSD schools to increase recycling and reduce waste.
Middle School Finalists
Aquaponic Farming - 7th graders, Harrison Konopka, Rahul Menon, and Ian Delannes-Molka, are demonstrating a sustainable closed-loop system and food production at FLMS.

Fox Lane Ride Share Bank - 6th grader Jackson Lawrence is designing a carpool website to coordinate and encourage carpooling among FLMS families to cut down on carbon emissions.
Here Comes the Sun - 8th Grader Asa Friedrich is designing a solar paneled bus shelter to produce carbon free energy.

Invasive Plant Removal and Tree Planting at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - Eugenia Kaltsas, 6th grader, will engage volunteers to remove invasive species and plant trees in the storm-damaged Cathedral of Pines at WPR.

Come see how these projects have made an impact or demonstrate something that could have a big impact in the future! Fox Lane High School Auditorium, May 20, 2016, 7pm.
Thank you to BCSD for hosting the Greenlight Award pilot this year, and thank you again 
to our Greenlight Award Round 1 Judges (Laura Rossi, Anthony Patierno, Jim Diamond, Andy Revkin, and Francis Corcoran). 

Stay tuned for another amazing line up of judges for the Final Event May 20th!
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