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Anheuser-Busch has completed the world's first-ever commercial shipment via self-driving truck.

Now policy makers must prepare to inform American workers how they will address a jobless economy.​​​​​​​
Should some 90% of us be left in abject poverty or will we tax inheritances and share the prosperity that has resulted from American freedom, ingenuity and security that was paid for when we all shared the sacrifices of WWII, the Cold War and other struggles?

Work is taxed more than wealth. Work is undervalued & underpaid.

It is easy to imagine what will happen to people when work is rare and millions of Americans and billions of people around the globe, are not necessary for the Wall Street-owned economy. Wall Street greed is only a reflection of the entitlement felt among 'Masters of the Universe' who robbed, cheated, and lied their way to the top.

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