Fried Chicken Sandwich-
Lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles, brioche.
Served with house fries. $10.99
Grilled Asparagus Salad – Mixed greens, bacon, shallots, toasted almonds, pickled blueberries, parmesan
Available in store or online at Bartlett's Farm To Go!
Muffins: Blueberry, French Toast
Scone: Pear Ginger
Danish: Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Donuts : Cinnamon sugar, Chocolate Sugar
These are no longer self-serve. Please ask our Deli staff for help with soup!
Tomato Parmesan
Clam Chowder
-caprese salad
-mixed veggie salad
-bbq half chickens
-raw salad
-mexican street corn salad
-shrimp lo mein
-asparagus salad with almond and parmesan
-chicken quesadillas
-gourmet potato salad
-buffalo chicken salad
-fried chicken
-raspberry almond pithiviers
-triberry crisp
-lemon creme brulee
-Heath bar chocolate chip brownies
-orange pineapple bodacious cupcakes
-chocolate covered cream puffs
-chocolate raspberry mousse towers
-strawberry panna cotta
-coconut macaroons