Today is primary election day!
Several news networks have been telling voters the contest is over and have even announced plans to report that Hillary Clinton is the winner at least three hours before polls close in California!

Every vote counts today! The simple fact is that no candidate has won enough pledged delegates to lock up the nomination for president. Bernie Sanders intends to pursue this at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
Your vote matters. Every ballot cast for Bernie Sanders today will influence the results of this nominating contest, so I strongly encourage you to go to the polls, contact all your family & friends to urge them to support Bernie Sanders.

No matter what happens, I pledge to you that this political revolution will go on. Click on the button below to let me know I can rely on you to keep fighting back to fix democracy. 

Let me know I can count on you to fight along side me as we rebuild the American Dream. Let me know you will help take back control from the greedy billionaires who are trying to hijack the nation and steal your birthright.