Neshoma Newsletter Vol.I #3


We are so gratified and proud of the unanimous rave reviews for our new Krohma Music group. These performances have opened a whole new and exciting direction in Jewish Wedding music.
HEIMISH AND HIP!  The band, while being so geared-up and “concentrated,” also employs the latest technological advances in live music to deliver the excitement, expertise and tremendous musicianship of these core performers. The KROHMA bookings are now extending into the June wedding season and beyond. Don’t miss your opportunity.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Neshoma’s  It's A Miracle!  Chanukah CD. At this time every year we are reminded of its success as many orders and re-orders prove its enduring worth. We are also reminded of one of the star performers on that album, Dr. Meyer Abittan. After his early stint as one of our most requested wedding singers, he decided to throw it all away and become the now-famous and most sought-after cardiologist in the Tri-State area. But you can still catch him “hanging around the Bandstand” at a Simcha with that nostalgic look………We still love him!

Did you know that Neshoma can help you plan and enjoy your next Simcha in Israel? With our team working on both sides of the Atlantic, we have been able to successfully navigate the planning and execution of fantastic events in Jerusalem. From Weddings to Bar Mitzvahs, Family Gatherings, Family Milestones and More. Our close collaboration with Ely Katz, both in the States and in Israel, has provided successful access to all the Israeli Venues and Vendors. These venues include Beit Shmuel/Merkaz Shimshon, Mt. Zion Hotel, Terasa, Mamilla Rooftop, Olmaya, and Eretz Bereishit. Check it out by calling us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

We were honored to perform at the last major wedding held at New York’s storied Waldorf Astoria Hotel. In back-to-back performances, we said goodbye to one of the most prestigious and remarkable venues in the world. Before the doors close for at least three years for a complete renovation and reconfiguration, we were privileged to bring our music to the Yeshiva University Annual Chanuka Dinner, followed a week later by an extraordinary wedding filled with Simcha, Dancing and non-stop energy. The Waldorf, along with its amazing and world-class staff, has provided a home for our band for the past twenty-five years. We eagerly await the rebirth. Bimhera B’Yameynu!
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