March 19, 2019

by Hugh Kilgore

The Journey and the Destination


1 Corinthians 10:1-13  Numbers 14:1-24 
The Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt to the Promised Land is a nursery of faith. Most of the time we treat life as destination points, if we achieve these experiences we will be successful, happy and fulfilled. I think the truth is more complex.  

 Destinations that we orient our efforts toward are necessary to drive us to a productive life. We all need a promised land to fix our attention and to give us a reason to rise out of bed in the morning. I am reminded of my wife and my son’s comments from the back seat of the car “are we there yet?” The journey to the destination is made of winding difficult roads. The travel takes forever.  God uses the journey experiences to give faith lessons that will carry us through all that life can throw at us. The Israelites had to depend on God for water, food, and protection from those who would destroy them. The relationship we develop with God in the journey will carry us to eternity. 

 In this Lenten Season let us not lose sight of the lessons that God can teach us in the hard trek through our own wilderness. If we follow the God of Promise then we will make it through. The scars of the struggle will help us to remember that our Hope is in The Lord our Redeemer.  


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Lent photo by Kameleon007