Mayor Steve Fulop lies about crime
  • A 1½ year-old baby was injured during a December 28, 2015 shooting in Jersey City.
  • One man was shot dead by a passenger in a parked vehicle on Stuyvesant Avenue in Jersey City on January 28, 2016.
  • Another man gunned down in Jersey City February 7, 2016 was sitting in a car with a woman and baby when he was fatally shot.
  • A March 14, 2016 murder-suicide in Jersey City left two people dead and another injured.

In his third State of the City address, Mayor Steve Fulop said Jersey City is 'winning the fight on crime' and proclaimed that people here feel safe.  Even Councilwoman-at-large Joyce Watterman, a Fulop ally, disputed those nonsensical remarks.

"Fulop referenced a decrease in robberies, burglaries and assaults, but did not mention that homicides have increased each year since he was elected mayor," wrote the Jersey Journal.  The number of reported rapes doubled in 2015 compared to the prior year, according to the New Jersey State Police. Fulop also failed to mention that the majority of crimes in Jersey City remain unsolved.  

When Mayor Steve Fulop lies about crime,
he must think Jersey City residents are stupid. 
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Jersey City residents deserve honest leadership, far better protection against crime and a more certain confidence in the pursuit of justice.

You will not be safe until Jersey City has a mayor prepared to fight crime for real.