Dear Teen Academy,

I want to thank you for sharing your feelings today on the sudden and unexpected death of  Pierce Jarck.  Many of you knew him and many of you shared your stories and how his death impacted you even if you didn't know him personally.  Suicide is a tragic event and all of you responded to it as adults and with great maturity.

The death of a contemporary brings up all sorts of feelings and I want you all to know that I am always there to listen and comfort you, should you find the need.  Never hesitate to reach out to me whenever you want at my personal cellphone 732-768-7773.  I will always be there for all of you.

Next week is the bake sale with the funds going to the suicide prevention talkline in his memory.  I know that you will prepare your baked good with the same spirit of giving with the rest of the congregation.  

Again, I am very proud of each and every one of you in Teen Academy.  You have made a difference in the world and repaired it a bit with your love, dedication, friendship and response to this tragic situation.


Rabbi Cy Stanway