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April Newsletter!
Redbud Vote Deadline Extension
Sequoyah Info
Urgent Spring Order Maintenance
Textbook Rebinding Special

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Votes are due May 11th.
Results will be announced the following week.
Speed-up ideas and more info at
Each classroom will submit one vote for their favorite. 
12 classrooms participating? You'll send us 12 votes!
We will announce the winner on Facebook Live during the week of May 14.
Find Redbud Info and Support:

Join the Redbud Discussion:
Search Redbud Read-Aloud on Facebook and click "Join".

2019 Sequoyah Masterlists are here - and so are the new posters!

The 2019 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award masterlists are on the Perma-Bound website now!

If you've ordered them already, they are almost out of the binding process and ready to allocate to your order.  Thanks for your patience!

Search "2019 Sequoyah" and they should come up - or search by the catalog numbers below.

Here are the prices and catalog numbers:

Children's: 15 Books, $295.87 Cat# 1083069
Intermediate: 15 Books, $285.31 Cat# 1083071
High School: 15 Books, $286.85 Cat# 1083072
Prices are subject to change.  Check the website before ordering.

Don't forget to use promo code OKS18 to save when you order - it expires July 18th!

Please order the 2019 sets - a handful of customers order the old set each year by mistake!

OLA Annual Conference  April 23-25, Tulsa
All three 2017 Sequoyah-Winning authors will be there on Monday:
Lois Ruby, Kwame Alexander, Ryan Graudin
Are you bringing your Sequoyah All-Stars?
Please stop by the Perma-Bound booth and say hello.
Visit the OLA website for more info.
This is the busiest time of the year for educational companies.
To speed things up....
  • Order early!
  • Allow backorders.
  • Order with unattached processing.
  • Over order and use a Do Not Exceed amount.
  • Choose books in the Perma-Bound for higher fulfillment rates.
  • Contact me (or customer service) weekly to manage your orders.
We saw the pictures on social media.  Textbooks need to be rebound.
It's time for your school to start discussing textbooks for 2018-2019.
Let Perma-Bound rebind your old textbooks for
ABOUT $13 EACH, including free shipping BOTH WAYS!
Please share this info with your administration and colleagues.
For every 100 textbook rebindings ordered by your school,
I will donate five hardcover books to your library.
Thank you so much for your dedication to the students of Oklahoma. 
We are here to support you and serve you throughout the 2017-2018 school year.  Please never hesitate to contact us by phone or email. 
Have a wonderful second semester!

Kyle and Kenneth Brown
The Brown Brothers
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