Temple Beth Miriam E-lijah

Rabbi Cy Stanway
It was a Days of Awe season unlike any other any of us have experienced.  We had our ‘oops moments’ - such as the moment when Stella came to turn on the microphone for the Childrens’ services on Rosh Hashanna after we had realized it was off.  Yes, that’s her slapping her forehead!  But, overall, the technology of our new livestream system worked flawlessly.  (Thanks to Don and Jerry and Phil from Audio Concepts who brought it all together and did a great job coaching us on how to use it). The services were well-received and the outdoor services on Rosh Hashanna and Yizkor and Neilah on Yom Kippur were truly awe-inspring out in the fresh air and sunshine and cool September breeze and, most importantly, being with people.  A Rosh Hashanna to remember.  

The online Selichot and concert was something to remember as well followed by the erev Rosh Hashanna Seder - online of course.  It would have been a very lonely Rosh Hashanna without technology.  Many thanks to the board and Executive Committee who helped to create the creative space to experiment in all sorts of different ways.

Yom Kippur was equally as lovely.  Once again, the technology worked perfectly and, even though the sanctuary was cavernous and empty, each of us on the bima knew how many people were watching and, from what we heard, were inspired.  It was sad not being able to be with anyone but it was joyous to still be somehow connected.

So many people made it happen.  Cantor Camhi was invaluable both as a cantor and liturgical advisor who created a service with her voice and spirit.  Our ushers, Keith Kaplan and Sharon Sillverman and Roy Dressner served the many who came for Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur.  Chase Kaplan’s Torah reading on Rosh Hashanna mornning was wonderful and heartfelt and Steven DelCuore’s Torah reading was superb.  Andrew Dressner’s Yom Kippur Torah reading was also so beautiful and, as it was Milt Ziment’s (z’l) reading, I can imagine Mr. Ziment smiling over Andrew and knowing that he has such a worth successor in this reading.  

So many thanks, too, to our keyboardist Andy McDonough who came through in so many ways.  And, of course, to Rosy and Tello who keep the temple beautiful and everything in its place.  Profound thanks and acknowledgement to George, our new temple adminstrator, who brought everything together in these challenging times.  George was brought on board in February and immediatelly had to pivot and learn the temple at the beginning of the pandemic.  Special thanks to Barry Edison, temple president, for his words and inspiration.

Though we did not have a traditional Tashlich ceremony, Stella Stanway’s dissolveable paper was a hit with the children of the school and some parents even went to the ocean and river to cast away their sins.  

It was a joy to see so many people together, so happy, both online and in person.  The faith in the future was so abundant and the joy and the celebration of the new year was inspring.


As you can see, this is a very large E-lijah and, for October, will serve both as the Shmoozeletter and the E-lijah.  If you require a hard copy, let Rabbi Stanway know and he will create a text file for you.

When our Sages created the machzor, they could never have anticipated such a thing called speech recognition software that would transcribe speech into text.  When they created the text of the Amidah (God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob....etc...) little did they know YouTube would transcribe the text into this - an actual screenshot of Rosh Hashanna morning services a-la YouTube subtitles:
Mazal Tov

Ysabella Lehman on her bat mitzvah on October 3, 2020.  Proud parents are Jesse and Karina Lehman!

Aria Harkavy on her bat mitzvah on October 17, 2020.  Proud parents are Jason and Stacey!  

Mazal tov to all of you and may you go from strength to strength.
Welcome to Beth Miriam!

Our temple continues to grow and is spiritually enriched by these new members.  

Deborah Goldstein Cinque

David and Marsha Schreier 

Sharon Herschlag and Stephen Simeoni
Whispers from the past…
A Special Article by Keith Miller

A FedEx commercial, currently on the air, show the different reactions of recipients when they open a FedEx box.  My reaction, from the box I received from my brother Ken in San Diego, was heightened curiosity. But first, a little background:

As a child growing up in Deal, in the ‘40’s & ‘50’s, I hardly knew Ken and my sister Kitty, who were 8 and 9 years older.  I never met my fraternal Grandparents, but vaguely remember seeing some old, B/W photographs, learning that their names were Simon and Carrie, that he was in the jewelry business in NYC, and she had flaming red hair. I knew my maternal Grandparents, Walter and Elsie Kohn, who were quite active in Temple Beth Miriam first in Long Branch and then in Elberon.  Walter was Temple President for 25 years, and Elsie was President of Hadassah, and in charge of music. But I had absolutely no knowledge of Simon and Carrie’s upbringing or Jewish background.

Then comes the box from my brother.  It seems that, due to Covid, and with plenty of time on his hands, he was cleaning his attic and found some old, tarnished trophies that were our dad’s, Joseph Miller, and he thought I might like to have them.  He didn’t know what they were for and they were tarnished and unreadable, but he would send them to me if I would like to have them.

Yes, they were tarnished but with a little elbow grease they cleaned up.  One was a sliver loving cup engraved “Winner, Joseph Miller, 1919, Durland & Co.”  That made my Dad 12 years old.  A little research showed Durland was the horseback riding stable in New York City Central Park’s upper east side.  Next was another loving cup and the engraving was “Winner, Father and Son Tournament, Simon and Joseph Miller, Norwood Country Club (located in West Long Branch – the clubhouse now is the West Long Branch Community Center) -1927”.  Now I really understood how meaningful it was when we won the Parent and child tournament at Hollywood in the 70’s.

But there was more;  a small velvet-like jewelers box with a catch. It was lined in white satin with the Tiffany & Co logo on the inside lid.  Resting on the satin was a gold medal about the size of a half dollar coin. On one side, a large Jewish Star was engraved in the center, surrounded by the inscription Temple Emanu-El,  NYC.  On the reverse side around the rim was inscribed “The James Seligman Medal” and in the center, engraved, was “Awarded to Joseph Miller – 1922.”

Curiosity.  Who was James Seligman? What was the award and what was it for?  Google solved the first part – James Seligman was a Trustee and President of Temple Emanu-El in the late 19th and early 20th century. He was one of 8 brothers who founded the financial firm of Seligman & Co in 1846.  

The next step in the journey was to Rabbi Stanway who was intrigued and asked if I could send him photos of the medal. He said he would post an inquiry on his Rabbi Facebook Page, but also suggested I contact Temple Emanu-El – maybe someone there could help me.  

Again, thanks to Google, I contacted the Temple who forwarded my question and photos to those officers that might help. 

The next day, Mr. Warren Klein, curator of the Bernard Museum of Judaica at Temple Emanu-El solved the 2nd part. The Medal was awarded to winners of and essay contest given to members of the Temple’s religious school in the 1920’s and into the 1930’s.   I’m now waiting to hear back if they kept my father’s winning essay in their archives, and if not the actual essay, perhaps the subject that was given for the assignment.

So now, in 2020, I’m learning about how and where my Dad grew up, close to 100 years ago, and a little more about his parents – things I never knew. To me, that medal is priceless, not only because it was my dads, but because now I have a better understanding of his devotion to Temple Beth Miriam, his adopted synagogue, and his desire to keep the candle of faith burning in his children.

I know there’s more. I can’t wait to open the next box. 
Join us online or live during Shabbat services.  This week, our Shabbat service will begin at 7:30 on the temple YouTube channel.  Simply go to the temple website and the livestream will be up and running about a half hour before the service.  Or, join us for services live and in person.  Masks and social distancing will be observed for the duration of the pandemic and there will be no Oneg Shabbat.  But people will be there and a warm, comfortable, inviting service will be yours for the taking.


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